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And later this morning stay tuned for for a monkey que reading it starts at nine o'clock in what wickey likes called its largest release ever the website made nearly nine thousand files available on tuesday de tailing the alleged buying by the see i a on people using their cellphone smart tv's and websites today at nine form talks about the implications of the disclosure and with felix political influence and de freeman good morning partly sunny skies or in the forecast for later today temperatures upper sixties heading into the seventies for the weekend it's five nineteen from ap are news in washington i'm luis give on a house speaker paul ryan is saying that house will passer republican healthcare bill within a matter of weeks auntie are scott decker reports right is tony republicans this is the parties best maybe only chance to repeal obama care he wants to pass him by the end of the month but many republicans senators are uncomfortable with moving so quickly answer to major bill arkansas senator tom cotton says the del would not past the senate without changes he's urging republicans to slow down and try again seventy four year old i jerry in president mahal but it will hardy has returned home after nearly two months of medical le'veon brett near there's been intense speculation about his health with officials refusing to divulge is conditioned speaking at his official residents and i capital of a boucher but harry said that he was feeling much better i had rested as much as humor live i have if you guys huge eventual treating when i can't is he the dude in the way of these will seek who said la and man alright plants to addresses nation's parliament on monday w has expanded its recall of certain x five and x six as you've ease from the two thousand eleven to two thousand fourteen model years drive shaft joints could fail i'm luis give only and p r news washington and next on cake you et our first friday morning look at bay area traffic conditions the traffic and transit reported by joe mcconnell hello jeff good morning dave.

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