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A a statement from the the bush family and of course i think all of us know that there aren't too many women and i think there's only been two in our nation's history the other being abigail adams who not only was the spouse of the president of the united states but the mother of a president of the united states and that is a distinction in a claim that only abigail adams and barbara bush took almost two hundred years between abigail adams and barbara bush for that circumstance to replicate itself and who knows if it'll ever again be wreck be replicated a weather would be replicated in our lifetime she was as i think most of us know just for those of you who who might not remember married to former president george herbert walker bush more than seventy years lived a remarkable life living in houston texas in kennebunkport with some stops along the way and places like midland texas they were married at sea island georgia at a a lovely location that i had the chance to visit a few years ago i was there speaking at an event seattle in georgia is off the as as the name would suggest off the coast of brunswick georgia or off the coast of georgia near brunswick georgia and yeah that's what i just happened to notice there was a plaque dedicated to where george george herbert walker bush and barbara bush were married shortly after world war two they actually now that they might have spent their honeymoon there i got a double check that i will but obviously they they had a family very i guess what you call typical american family at.

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