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Real bad hair energy. We all stick. I'll be to highly question born. Everyone don't get you can do it. But i yeah you can do it okay. Well we're all having a bad hair day and that's fine right so now that we've said it you can't say to us and we can all just get on with the show. That's monica we've got pablo tori. Pablo's i think is arguing. I need i need product i need. I'll be right back any product okay. Is mike putin holes right to be frustrated with the refereeing in game one. I mean this question's always interesting to me because it's like. Is he right to be frustrated. It's like well. Yes because i think you'd get frustrated. If the other team got twenty six free throws whereas you got sixteen and only two people who weren't named jaanus went to the free throw line. I understand the frustration. But then you think about is it right to be out here talking about it. And he's very careful but when he does this he didn't say i think even joked about like you guys trying to bait me into saying something So he he didn't necessarily say something look. I think it's expressing frustration. That anyone would have while also being gentle to the fact that you can't really criticize or blame something other than your own actions. It's a big thing for a coach. It's also big thing for a coach to campaign for calls a couple of days before your next game. I understand it completely. I have no fault. I don't think but is at fault in any way in this. I will say adjustments have been the big thing about him it. That's been the narrative for this play offs and before we started you to seem to disagree on whether or not he did that in game one if he was able to adjust to me. That's more interesting conversation but go ahead and answer the part about free throws wow justice topic. Eighty sherve monica. Go ahead free throw.

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