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Bank of America wants to know what would you like the power to do I'm speaking with Larry to read a regional president from bank of America hearing the DMV thanks for coming you bet what do you do to take care of your employees the keeper Morton to be them and more people wanting to work for bank of America at bank of America has Mott business model of responsible growth we have to grow of course but we have to do it by managing risk serving the client we want to be a great place to work that includes compensation we just announced our minimum starting wage is going to go up from seventeen dollars an hour to twenty dollars an hour in two thousand twenty one we have a comprehensive health benefits we have sixteen weeks of paid family leave we offer twenty days a bereavement leave bank America is a great program called life event services where someone's going through a transition in their life whatever that happens to be so it's just the kinds of benefits to the drive in what we call responsible growth I like to think my guess let me to read it so what would you like the power to do find out a bank of America can help you a bank of America dot com stop by your local branch ten ten wins entertainment now seventy Frank voted no to fans on Instagram last night about her leaving real housewives of New York some for sticking with hers and she was in her thirties when she was pro from single and lived in a tiny apartment she's leaving ahead of the upcoming twelfth season to tender her beverage business develop TV projects with mark Burnett and spend time with her daughter Quinton tarentino is going to be a dad for the first time the fifty six year old director and his wife thirty five year old singer Daniel pay for expecting a baby the couple married last November just after Tarantino wrapped once upon a time in Hollywood a fairy tale come true for Hollywood's biggest money maker Wayne Johnson's the highest paid male actor in the world Forbes reports the fast and furious presents Thompson show all star raked in eighty nine point four million dollars in the year ending June first whatever it takes Avengers endgame stars Chris Hemsworth Robert Downey junior take the second and third place spots respectively Christopher what's in there and rounding out the top five Bollywood star Akshay Kumar number five Jackie Chan still raking it in the.

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