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By Emily Queen Casino Chris Sylvan at 8 54 at that same relationship with any of my Calvin and Hobbes books. Whenever I need to reset the dial, That's right. A little bit. Unfortunately, our Encyclopedia Britannica burned in the fire at my dad's house in our house before he passed, So Yeah, there's no that was a big losses were going through it. None of the books survived. Anyway. Look, you get our drive. Right now. We are seeing improvement. It's going to take a little while. What we're seeing improvement, like the federal way to Seattle Drive is back down to about 51 minutes and the drive into south centers about 30. So we're looking at a 20 minute delay there. But getting better Valley Freeway also still very slow Getting through offered. Give yourself a 30 minute trip from Auburn to rent and that still about 20 minutes behind schedule. That's because of all the diversion we took from the I five corridor from this long term crash. We had there now from rent to the Bellevue still about 30 35 minutes about average, despite the slowing there in the rain, That's a pretty good travel time out of the north, and we're still seeing very heavy slowing from before Linwood down to about 2/20. Not like terrorist because of a crash. We've been dealing with their 42 minutes. Remember to Seattle's behind schedule, because if you look at the ever to Bellevue Drive, it's running in about 33 minutes across the lake were still in good shape. The Olympia drive are sorry. The coma Dr is getting a little bit better. We're still losing two minutes. Heading up the hill, the highway 18. I want to thank all my friends at the on the state roofing text line. 1997 3, who's kept us clued in today. Appreciate yet. This report brought to you by the Emerald Queen Casino, which is open Emerald Queen. Clean team got to cover come by for a safe, clean, comfortable escape the Emerald Queen Casino, the entertainment capital of the Northwest. Well, this morning's weather having screwed up the commute is now headed off to candidate to create havoc there. And the good news for us is that means some sunshine tomorrow and that could be much warmer. But at least you see some sun right now. It is 42 at the Carters Subaru studio and coming up former Seahawk Jordan Babineaux joins GN Ursula. He's helping athletes successfully pivot to there. Post pro careers. This kind of radio 2020 showed us what mattered most. Connection to the people, places.

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