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As the news transformation unfold than we see more non traditional news, outlet Okay well that's interesting a real fast what's going on around central Virginia this weekend A fun, wise yeah fine wide how. About some you know? Let's see I've got you know? Innsbruck after hours tomorrow night has your group, station has the beat fast coming. Up. A, lot of. People know the. Route there the Jimmy Fallon has. That band There could be a bunch of Ambon Saturday there including. Some local guys OG Ella black liquid skill tesol famous and also locally, famous groups so that should be a lot of fun if the weather holds off and then tomorrow there's an interesting battle of the bruise at the Virginia museum of history and culture normally a place you don't. Think of as a place to drink beer. But, they have this historical beer recipe and they're asking, for. Lemon. Beer and they're asking some local breweries to kind of re imagine this local recipe and have a a battle, of, the bruise, from six tonight and, this is, the former Virginia historical society okay Innsbruck. And, and Bruce. At the old, historical society, right yeah. And if, you want, something right after work today. And in one little? Culture in your life at the? Library Virginia five thirty seven thirty food trucks. Free parking and they have this Program that's going over new and old tradition of, migrants, who've come, to Virginia over the, last three, decades they have a A an exhibit that's coming. Up about that and. This is going to be a program to help kick that off that. Should be pretty cool too that's interesting as well Jason Roop former editor of. Style weekly of the founder of spring story the public relations firm always a great chance to visit with you on. Friday thank you Thank you Well.

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