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That can what we're doing sir but we want to get to know that person to you know to develop a relationship as we go through the process this one is it's called onetwothree pasta and this when i do know the back story on that i'm curious now onetwothree pasta ria josh freeman who is the president ceo six seconds the parent company not parent company but the larger company work with his son was learning how to cook and he just went through the steps in it's like when he just said it's onetwothree pasta so it's where we just tried to develop a simple process for the person we don't want to make things overly complicated you know when you're cooking pasta you get your water you major it out you put the pasta enemy a heated up and at the right time you'll it's done i gotta ask you on that point because i in such a complicated world there have you found that you're you're pass clients are or people that you've worked with have they found a bit of relief in the fact that it that you're striving for that simplicity um we yeah because we when we work with someone there might be one or two areas out of the eight competencies that that we major people on and when they see that if i just work on this one is going to have an effect on everything else i don't have to work on everything you know i may just want to start with this and then by working with that competency they'll see that it's going to affect the other competencies as they go through the process so that that is a relief you know we don't come in with a big long big work book and so you have to go through it we might give them a just a couple of exercises things like that to do and then the last one is fish don't talk about water and what that is if you think about it to a fish in water is everywhere it's all around them so why am i going to talk about that so when you're dealing with somebody.

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