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Check out this show built around the women of mma from the ufc to the extreme case fighting we got the flights covered as saying if the state media concepts women mma podcast the latest news of upcoming minds discussions of previous matches join as the as we talked to in about the biggest names in women's mix of martial arts and the past present and future when it's the women's fight game you know where to listen to golden state media concepts witness mma podcast all right or batch had and alas said that we were talking about you have see to twenty and the main event where steeply mielke just dominated and defending his title against france's in gano and how impressive he was and when we ended things we were kind of we're talking about how i was very surprised and the press conference in everyone's talk my what's next four steeping ilshat and dana white said the fighter to the fight he would like to see is daniel cornea and that rosas right into what we're talking about here the coal main event at this event here which were which had daniel core me a verses volcano samir then you know it's kind of weird when you look at the sdp meal his fight versus france's dino and then daniel korea verses volkan it had to really two veteran champions defending their titles against two very strong powerful upstarts who had been knocking out every one to stepped in the ring with them but the surprising thing that happened in these fights was that both of these guys france's and ghana and volkan really had no answer to the veterans and this fight and this is one of those situations where daniel me a made me think about back when you know when i was a kid and i was a pretty good basketball player when i was a kid.

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