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Jimbo had a show as we speak with our guests to Jack Lombardi tech entrepreneur candidate for Congress in the 14th congressional district of Illinois calls at one 8 6 6 5 O Jimbo one 8 6 6 5 O 5 four 6 two 6 but first a follow-up to what we had said up to this point And that would be this Let's say that somebody out there with a hundred followers on Twitter says something outrageous and somebody with a 100,000 followers refutes that Okay well maybe the person refuting that is in fact correct But that person is also amplified by a thousand times the coverage of the charge So in a way by refuting that if you are a huge Twitter presence are you not in fact propagating the very thing you refuting Yeah That's an interesting concept I would agree section two 30 You remember president Trump had always said oh we got to get rid of it Well for those of you who don't know that section two 30 of the communications decency act of 1996 and I suspect most of the audience knows we've had several shows on that but basically it allows the big tech people to say hey we didn't say that somebody else said that We just pass it along Go ahead Yes exactly Exactly So president Trump said oh we got to get rid of it Well that's just president Trump being president Trump And the type of negotiator he is He knows as well as anybody else's You can never get rid of that because if somebody goes on your website and they say something then your website you the owner would be held liable And you can't let that happen because you can't control others And that would essentially crush the Internet However what Facebook and Twitter has done specifically to like president Trump or conservatives or a different opinion even Just if you differ in thought by the censorship at that point are you a publisher or you're an editor and that needs to be revisited specifically if you're going to change with somebody has posed by either taking it off the Internet or whatever the fact that you're trying to hide behind your terms and services At that point they're kind of it's murky waters on that one And I do believe that those definitions need to be revisited So we don't need to repeal section two 30 We need to rewrite it I would say so I think that the Internet is let's be honest it's been around for a while but still fairly new It's been the wild wild west That's how we refer to it even in Internet marketing community because there's always something new that comes up And no one could have had the foresight to understand how it would have been used years back Now that we've seen the use of almost weaponizing well actually weaponizing of the Internet and social media platforms we could go back and revisit those definitions so that things like what happened with president Trump That was absolutely absurd And if people really understood the nuts and bolts of how the Internet behaves and how propagandists will manipulate their way it's called working working the media chain right They'll have lower level websites they'll put content on there and it makes its way up to bigger ones Perhaps a Reddit And then all of a sudden someone calls up a reporter says why aren't you covering this The reporter wants to be first which is often happens I guess it's maybe a casualty of the industry They want to be first And then what happens it turns into news It blows up It goes viral and the whole thing was never true And rob and Richmond California would like to speak to our guests good evening rob Hi mister liberty It's my experience that the search engines themselves and maybe you've just referred to this Our skewed against a more conservative point of view I mean I voted twice for Obama and twice for Trump and but when I put in a search I use Google as safari And when I put in well let's say even though I believe in vaccines adverse effects for the vaccine there are some really incredible reports of serious reports about adverse effects I can't find it And then just punched in proving the exception of the rule I punched in just before I talked to you the top climate scientist skeptics and the Business Insider came up and it was the top ten great scientists who are skeptical about okay well anyway we get the idea and I think that we have referred to the basic premise that rob was bringing up that is a skew away from conservative viewpoints whatever they may be Would you concur with that Jack Yes sir Great point to bring up because we actually tested that Me and a handful of my peers and Internet marketing community had actually tested against DuckDuckGo That exact that exact niche that what the search rankings would look like And here's what's interesting The top organic search result will typically not always but typically will receive 86% of the first page traffic meaning other people won't go to the other listings organically on that page And there's a joke in the Internet marketing community is if you want to bury a dead body just put it on page two because no one's going to go there and look right So the positioning of each organic listing on first page Google result or being typically Google it keeps the Google We're coming up on a break that doesn't move So before the computer cuts us off we'll return to that particular train of thought in just a moment Drivers who switch and save with progressive save over $700 on average and those savings add up imagine what you could buy in the future future The graphics are so real on this video game console I bought with the savings from switching to progressive ten.

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