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So why did you think that ball i had the the stoudemire's tier who graduated spent four years from you just and you know he came back and forth several times his parents came in for commencement exercises they had no problem getting here he would go home at least twice a year if he gets to it included that student that would have had difficulty our at least slow down his ability to graduate on time because he would have had to gone through all of the props to see that in maryland place and not that that you know i'm not saying that we don't want the country could be shaved we just train wreck when you have a student has been here for three years studying and has been cleared to study why we putting additional restrictions on those students at the have the ability efforts on the part of you're others so who of the of joined in the solidarity to request of all the homeland security secretary or others that in fact the exceptions cause i just out wide be in vote for these particular people we already know that there is the talk of invoke in the case of translator is in iraq can possibly afghanistan to move work for the us military and even the homeland security secretary has admitted that the implementation was hasty and that the third had been the ariz made so it's downs is the they would be amenable to the notion of but yeah blue citizens yeah that's one of the things we have four and and the letter that i could assigned you know i think it's important to i mean when you point out of the hasty as of this my institution training anselm college we also have in instituted politics and we had a front row turn the primaries we hope that the presidential primary elections both on the democratic republic inside and we had a front row seat to told this so it didn't.

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