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Jordan hare lash against Bama, everyone kind of overlooked. They tried to do the transit of property. Why? Bam, going the playoff and Auburn, Auburn, UCF playing. There's, I think, I know maybe basketball and I mentioned a year, you're. Opinion, but I think home versus road the largest disparities in college football than in any other sport in terms of like how easy it is to play, how difficult it is to play. Well, it's a tossup between college football and college basketball right made stuff. It's just one of those two. And because some some home courts in college, basketball or the strongest, I've seen any sport, so it's, you know, it's tough to say. But yeah, it's definitely one of those two. I, you know, I think it takes, you know, some courage toback a pack, twelve dog like this woman SEC territory. But you know, I believe in Peterson with a lot of prep time and he's got the quarterback who's been on this stage before and the last time you have. They didn't work very good against Alabama and the playoff that was two years ago. And like I said, this Auburn team is not ala Bama. So that's one thing. All SEC teams are not the same. Right? So I put. Alabama and Georgia at a level above all the rest. I really believe Georgia is gonna be legit mash from title contender again this year because quarterback situations. I think the best in the country when you look at a drink from member from after it was first start of freshmen went to Notre Dame stadium and be beat the iris. They get Justin field, the top quarterback, recruiting the country. That's an insane quarterback depth chart to Georgia's got. I'm not that big a Jerry stood fan and I'm not that high on Auburn, maybe I'll be proven wrong on Saturday, but you know there's a little bit of guesswork involved. Let's be honest in week, one handicapping you do all the research. You can do all the reading all the talent evaluation than till you see these teams on the field. You really don't know exactly what you're betting on years making the best educated guesses you can make. I'm gonna. I'm gonna make an educated guess here in Chris Peterson, has team ready to play on Saturday, and it's one pick. It's one pig. It's the other world. If you lose what's your, what other games do you have. I'm gonna go with another dog on Saturday night. That may not be that popular either. And that's BYU and BYU skidding twelve most spots. I think there's a chance of fine. We'll go up to thirteen maybe as high as fourteen by kickoff because it's one of the last games on the board. One eighty five one eighty six on the rotation, and that's seven forty five Pacific time on ESPN Saturday night. So it's one of the last games on the board and those games people are always looking to play, and I think most people are going to play the favorite so you you're gonna get a number. I think better than you can get right now. I feel and a half the west gate, twelve and a half a couple of spots. There's even a thirteen pop up out there. I wouldn't be surprised to get fourteen BYU by kickoff and BYU was let's face it a horrendous football team last year, four, nine embarrassed and several spots and kalani Tocci coach's job is in jeopardy. Here. I like a hungry. Underdog with lots of prove, and I think that's what BYU is here at four win season also veteran team. I think Phil Steele's experience ratings have.

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