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Sometimes it goes against you. Those are the breaks, but this player I'm going to draft is I think somebody Memphis actually may draft because of their roster and financial situation going forward. And that's the point guard out of Tennessee, Kennedy Chandler. They have tyus Jones, who's an unrestricted free agent. Jones was excellent. Maybe the best backup point guard in the league. Obviously John Moran is a superstar. But Kennedy Chandler, you guys know as pedigree, especially you're recruiting gurus, you know, top ten high school player, played for Team USA, you know, I like his ability with the ball on his hands. He just knows how to play. I like his feel. I really like his defense. I thought that for a freshman guard, I was trying to go back and think of freshman guards who defend like that. He anticipated well. He got 2.2 steals per game. Any skill. Now, they're concerns about his size. He's small, he's not very athletic and the shooting. So that's going to be the determining factor, but you have a superstar and John morant. You're looking for a backup point guard. This kid's a good basketball player. He knows how to defend. I think he fits right in in Memphis. The Goodman, how worried are you about the size? We just said that one of the best things about him is his ability to defend. If he's probably 5 11 on a girl, I don't care what he's listed at like that dude, he's not a very big man. He's small, but he fits in need. I mean, that's what you're drafting here. Like Ryan saying you're drafting for need as much as anything else this is a bad point guard draft. There's no other way to say it. You know, Kennedy Chandler probably goes higher than he should. Only because, again, there aren't a lot of good point guards out there. Sam, we've talked about his size before how concerned are you? Extremely. It's just really, really hard to be a 6 foot guard in today's NBA, especially when you're a 170 pounds, like Kennedy Chandler is. The first hard as he works. And I feel bad, like it's through no fault of his own. He's done a phenomenal job improving as a shooter. He works really hard. He does all of the right things. I take no solace and saying that I'm not like a Kennedy Chandler guy. I love everything he brings to the table. It's just, it's hard to imagine a world where he doesn't get hunted on mismatches in today's NBA, given how mismatched heavy these best players in the league get yeah, I think you can't measure the heart though and tend to see really turned into the best team of the SEC for a stretch last season because of Kennedy Chandler Goodman. Pick number 23, the Philadelphia 76ers, are we going to trust your process here? You know, I'm torn on this one..

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