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I'm Dr Christian Conti. I've had an opportunity to host a couple reality TV shows over the past few years, and one of the things that most impresses me about Hollywood is the work ethic of production companies on a Hollywood set. If something goes wrong, people don't spend a whole lot of time talking about how it Shouldn't have gone wrong. Instead because of time constraints on filming, they just start plugging away at a solution. It's awesome to watch a bunch of people working in unison to solve a problem. What a great model for the rest of us when things go wrong in your organization or your family or social group instead of spending a whole lot of time talking about why things went wrong, Try focusing solely on a solution. After all, we cannot change the past. But the future is ours to create. For motivation for your work ethic. Visit Dr Christian Conte dot com. All right. 48 at the hour on the D. J B program, George Segal's final episode of the Goldbergs airs tonight. If you have Some tissues to anybody that probably be good. That's going to be a tear jerker. Oh, yeah s so it's on. Let's see ABC tonight. Um, he died What? Two weeks ago? How long ago was he passed away? About a week and a half. Two hours. Yeah. Um, he was the father, Beverly Goldberg on the show. Um, he was, you know, this age old timer gave advice partner in crime to his grandchildren. It's kind of like what I do with miles. I started a real I started or a lot of trouble last night with my house. Uh, yeah. What? Ugo Hey, was eating an Easter egg? Um, that left over from the Easter basket. And I said, do you not understand? Because you get fascinated with dinosaurs. I said, Do you know that industry that a good you're eating in a dinosaur egg? And then you get very curious because he was no all about dinosaurs. And so I said, If you look inside the dinosaur era, you'd find a chocolate egg. Just like the one you're eating, and he looked at his mother. He has this. He rolls his eyes back when he knows I'm yanking his chain. On. So that was the it.

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