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It was they activated. It was over 10 times. Red I saw. Yeah, and a TTE. This point I'm trying to recall the number of Americans that have tested positive. I know the number Now is what 207,000 have died. Is it It's about seven million who have been identified as having been, you know, infected. Is that not the number and if it is 10 times that we're talking 70 million Yes, it is. It is over seven million and I think I think that's a fair estimate. It could be higher. We've had serology studies that that made it appear to be higher. Now. CDC did another surveillance study. And and it wasn't it was done in a different way. And they and they found that the anybody worry about 90% of people, but they never reconciled. The two different to different claims. And I think I think that the antibodies can fade. You know, I would affect its more based on everything that we've seen. I suspected Mohr Toward the higher number rather than the lower and I suspected at least 10 times the number of infections now we don't know what it takes to reach the level. We don't know what the level of immunity that I know. People like to say. Well, though, calculate a row and they have a model and They're going. They're going to decide and tell us that we need 60% 70 perfect. But we don't really well fully know because of what I the point that I made about the immune system. There are other Corona viruses, for example, that circulate in the population and they could have proteins that look like The proteins on the on this this particular Corona virus, and you could have crushed immunity, so it could be that people who have been exposed to these colds recently. The that's where they cause are cold and they circulate out regularly. They could have some level of immunity that you know that doesn't prevent the infection entirely. It makes it so that it's it's really nothing more. Than a cold and that that could be one of the reasons or the primary reason even white Children tend not to get sick with it. So I think we we don't we don't really know. I think people who are wrong. Who make authoritative pronouncements in this area are Are you run a risk that that they're going to be proved wrong? Because I don't. I don't think we haven't. We have enough knowledge of this point to understand what it takes. I also think that you know there are certain areas, for example, the Bronx where they probably have significantly more than 25% of the people have had have been infected. My guest is Dr Roger Klein. I'm Dr Kline. If you could stay with us for another segment, we get back. I'd like to ask you about again without diagnosing which I know you cannot do. Ah, patient that you have not examined. I'd love to know what your thoughts are on how the president looked as he left the White House. Is this truly an abundance of caution? It seems to have rubbed up pretty quickly. I'm sure that a lot of people would be interested in what you're Reaction is Dr Roger Klein is my guest. He is a pathologist with an advanced training and medical Michael. My microbiology and virology happens to be a double graduate, both of Yale Medicine Medical School. As well. School of medicine, I should say, and Yale Law School will be back with Dr Roger Klein here on night side talking about just an extraordinary historic day here in America and let us hope that It all ends well, and all the concern of the Yanks that many of us been feeling today will will dissipate in a few days back with Dr Roger Klein. And eventually get spoke calls If you like 617 to 5 for 10, 30 triple 89 to 9 10 30 right after these messages, Nightside.

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