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And then he's gonna fight like crazy to win. Dan, only takes on serious personal injury cases, you can reach Dan at 303-770-5551 or Dan capitalist law dot com. That's dancaplislaw dot com. Are you going to say no to three hundred four million? We didn't think so so get your lucky numbers ready and pick up your ticket Saturday night's Powerball jackpot is three hundred four million dollars must be eighteen to buy prices. Equal fifty percent of overall sales. Odds of winning jackpot prize one and two hundred ninety two million. Hi, this is it green and summer will be here before you know, it. So let's be ready for it and make this your best summer ever. And your best smile ever summer is the time to smile, especially in all those happy vacation photos. You don't want to be the one looking away with your hand over your mouth. I know who can help because they helped me with my smile. My incredible. Dennis at Aspen dental and the Colorado dental implant center their goal is to help patients. Restore the comfort and confidence. They've been missing receiving the best possible dental care in a friendly and comfortable environment. And they've been voted by their peers as fifty two eighty magazine's top Denison, Colorado and for ten years in a row. So check them out on their website, Aspen, dental dot com. See all their patients. Glowing reviews at Aspen dental dot com. They're experts in developing a customized treatment plan. When they meet your personal, medical and financial needs caller office today. Schedule a free consultation. What have you got to lose? And you'll be gaining that beautiful smile. Three zero three four one six three to four zero three zero three four one six three to four zero Aspen dental eye. I'm Alan Roach for ram truck month that Johnson auto plaza..

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