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I would like it to be eight, an alien name brother. If you cut around all the poison sex, Zeno more bad a hook in. No, their blood is, you know, putt around the poisons act brother. You gotta clean shit out of your react coming acid. Only love brother h. age. The reason Chris, the hulk stir would be a bad choices. He's become such a parody of himself. Hey, if I starring AVP requiem I can still use the n. word onset, right brother. Is that okay? Even get like John Leguizamo like literally someone wore Mickey Rourke would have been great. The skeleton of Mickey Rourke lows two thousand seven that was his. He was like, when was shit, when was the wrassling probably around eight. Yeah, so right about to happen. DVD was way. And he's like, well, in one movie, man, I could fight fucking aliens and breaders the other movie I could be wrestler, oh, plane, forty in this. Darren has been asking me, but I think we have pinpointed that these movies all the predator movies they need beefcakes. I need to see a human beefcake. You know, we had Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura mud bunch of beefcakes. I Bill Duke. He's a beefcake in that first second movie. We get Gary Busey building in those tight fucking khakis. Danny Glover's the beefcake the other two gentlemen, byu, see and Paxton like the lean meat a little bit of that. The psychological beefcake like he's really like, he's got a lot of. Yeah, guess what? That's the first last time. Anyone is going to say that about me, how were they checked me into the asylum, they put on the rubber stamp day that said, psychological code word. That is, you know what that's like, I and I hope never dies. But when I want when I when I want one, one eulogy of Gary Busey to say psychological garb, you see with psychological beefcake who starred in started the the buddy Holly story with comedy center. One of one of our patients is a psychological beefcake try to guess which one I think you'll be pleasantly. That the last VP film didn't really have anything either into the beef department last. Bees are not lethal. We should say that there isn't. We're doing this. Also. We're skipping predators, which I feel like I'll never see. I saw some of it on ever seen it. It's better than this. It's it's an alien planet and Laurence Fishburne. They're running alien land Adrian Brodie as well. Yeah, I saw Toko grace. I can't tell you about it. I think I green out. I've been there might have been with you, do I think so fucking tag team that movie screen to everything the the predator the predator came out last Friday and I got a same in these predator. The the the predator titles have been fucked up its predator one predator too. Then you get predatory our doing new product, the buddy and you'll Andrew, you wanna put on predator and he's like, what are you talking about? My head would explode even know where to begin. We already struck down this legislation. It's not gonna happen. Predator four Steve's writing businesses though, because this is fucking bullshit. All these titles, what a colon and a subtitle, that's the case you call them over to show you. I haven't seen it yet. I know it's outta ready, but I did in light of hearing some piss poor responses, skipped it at the Toronto film festival. I'll probably get to at some point. Yeah. Yeah, see. I'm so excited to see it. We're recording this right before it comes out for full transparency and our government here on weei movies, so I will see it, but I'm yeah, it'd be bad. I've been the controversies clearly weird and. But I still really wanna see what you saw. You wanted to see predator. I couldn't hear you. Did you say the predator or predator or did you cut off predators by accident? I don't know. He wants to get numbers into movie titles. You just gotta go by the years, stewed predator eighty seven or whatever. I can't figure out why this Robert Rodriguez movie is back in theater. On a second. Rodriguez predators was Nimrod tau Rodriguez produced because it's Nimrod atoll or whatever. Don't worry about it. Everybody was talking about Robert Rodriguez..

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