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Talking. Breaking news just didn't wanna tax texts or text our tax you what what what is what is going on. How is this? How was any of this going to work can anybody? Explain that to me. I mean, I know how it's supposed to work. They're going to say, well, you John you sent one hundred texts last month. That's a dollar a text. Hold on. The why am I getting text? Anyway, the state has has a surplus. Okay. So we have unlimited talk and text, right? Yeah. Okay. So like how why would they tax? It's unlimited. Yeah. I could send I mean. I mean, you know, those stories you hear like the guy and the girl going out, and then they break it off and the guy sends seventeen thousand tags two weeks out ahead. Does that right? But the kids today, they're not even using the tax. They're using like telegram, and what's and slack. And. What's the other one that you were telling me about that? They were using their rocker grinder tender, whatever we need that one. Yeah. I mean, I just I just look at this. And I'm like we start taxing us, the California Public utility commission. Yeah. First of all you need to figure out how you're going to save these insurance companies because they're getting hit with such humongous gigantic payouts. From these fires. Bailout much. So so you're gonna come on here. The public utilities commission is going to say, well, we're going to tax your texts. Why why I pay my Bill as Roger is fond of saying about electricity and things like that. Why do you care how much I'm using? If I'm paying my Bill on who the genius who came up with. This is see I feel like when proposals. Like this come out a name needs to be attached contact number where we can text or call them. I will call go ahead. Let let me know right now if you would like more taxes on your tax or less taxes in your life, eight hundred seven sixty K F MB, John in San Diego. Hello, john. What's on your mind today, sir? Techs taxes. Now, they're not taxes breadth their fees. Yeah. Interesting when it when it comes to that as far as you know, they wanna tax this tax that just a little nickel and dime. I heard there's still a two cent phone tax and like the nineteen hundreds that's still being charged. No, no. That was the Spanish American more tax that actually was killed off by Knut back five. But yes, there was for a century. Yeah. For sure fifty fifty thousand dollars thing, I'm all for. But there's one caveat. They gotta sign a waiver promising never to come back. Yes. For ten years. And then after that ten years is a check. You think that would work now it will not work because they're not gonna they're not gonna do it on the on the on the we'll see plan. They're going to want to cash you got to hand him the cash somebody who somebody who will know why they're doing this. Why why John it's to help low income residents in California afford cell phone access. They've already got Obama phone with I'm serious. That's that's what this is. And the California Public utilities commission will vote on this proposal next month. This is just great. I know it's a it's a it's a dumb idea credit critics reacting. It's a dumb idea Jim wonderman, president of the b. So I understand this. So they're gonna text they're going to tax texts. So illegals can get phones. That's what James woods says John. Hello, john. What's on your mind, sir? Breath tax since up texting is free. Then on what basis are there? Calculating percentage cards this tax. It's gonna be on the on the texts you send out, but there's here. Now, check this out. Now, listen to this now hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Good news. A federal regulatory ruling came out today literally today aimed at protecting consumers from text messaging. Spam may also help California mobile phone users. Avoid the proposed state texting tax. So apparently, the feds are going to intervene here and shut this thing down like pronto tanto. So this may not even have this may not even be a thing. If you use the issues voice voice more than us techs. You'll be okay. Actually as far as. So you gotta make a lot more phone calls from viewers. If you're sitting there texting all day, then it's gonna cost you nominal lake. Probably people exchanged one point seven seven trillion. Text messages in two thousand seventeen is that crazy one point seven trillion. Text messages. What are you people who are you people texting? And why? Well, if if something is free, you can't tax free any well. No, it would be part of the universal service charge. You know, that old universal service charge at the bottom of the Bill that pays for programs that help poor people afford telephone service for years. Yeah. So that's where it's going to go. It's going to increase that. They'll just throw it. They'll slap it into that pile. Well, you know, this is crazy. It'll be it'll be it'll be a tax on texts. I think it's going to be fee. I think it's it's going to be a fee. It's going to be a fee based on the number of texts. Her text tax, right? But it'll be like. If you can't be part of the universal because it would be a different charge for everybody. Listen, listen, you're talking to the people you're talking to the people that you're talking to the people who are experts shaking you down for money there. John don't don't dare them. They'll figure it out, my friend. What it's all going to be fixed. Okay. And I'll tell you how when we all get the RFID chip put in us, then we're going we're gonna put the sim card in each of us. They're not gonna know exactly what we're doing what we're thinking. We're talking to you know, what here's what they'll do. They'll put Google in charge. And they'll put they'll put Google in charge. And we'll just all us G chat to talk to each other. And they just put a sim card in your arm, and they'll just track what you're doing. So when you want a bag of potato chips, you just look at the vending machines. It doesn't matter if you have ever looking out of seat number. They why do you doubt these stay know how to get John? I want wanna new light actually have fewer dollars in your wallet right now than when we started doing this. 'cause they figure out ways the government of California figures out ways to steal from you every day there went three more Brentwood herbal show AM seven sixty talk and breaking news headlines. What's going on, Jim? Well, it's that time of year for the year end. Best of lists and Google isn't being left out the top Google searches of two thousand eighteen coming up AM seven sixty K F M B. Did you see the car? You've rather drove up in. Yeah. Mama. Hey, it's Alexis sporty, Lexus inex-. Turbo F sport from Lexus Escondida. I know mom, let's with the dismissive tone. What no I'm just be proud to have such a brilliant, brother. I am the got such an incredible DA..

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