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Become seventy thousand discover it miles. Limitations apply. Discover match for new card members only. Learn more at discover dot com slash travel. Traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tens powered by TempStar in classic air you next update at seven ten. I'm Johnny hill, NewsRadio six WTVN. I'm ABC six. First warning meteorologists Interbike Michael good Tuesday morning. Everyone dried today in warm, a high of seventy nine degrees with a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. Those going to be a little wetter force, seventy percent chance for scattered showers and storms with a high of eighty also a marginal and slight risk for some strong to severe storms whether it's powered by the basement doctor. Mostly clear now, fifty five in plain city, fifty four at your severe weather station. News Radio six ten WTVN, Franklin county sheriff's deputies had to go all the way to Texas to find a murder suspect Franklin county sheriff's office says last Tuesday evening, just before eight deputies did a welfare check on Jeremy Edman. He was found lying on the floor with a gunshot wound to the head detective say they quickly discovered the victim's ex wife, brandy, Edmund kidnapped the couple's two young children and fled to Texas. ABC six Brian magic says Jeremy's body was founded his home after a relative called requesting a welfare check, still no motive, according to detectives, but brandy will be charged with murder, and kidnapping authorities Walsum moved to have Brady extradited back to Franklin county. Major accident on I two seventy on the south side. Monday afternoon, left one person dead and five others injured. Sheriff's offices at dump truck heading west near alum creek drive had a tire blowout causing it to go through the media and into eastbound traffic, where it struck three other cars, while the other drivers was pronounced dead. Four passengers in another vehicle. We're taking the nationwide children's hospital for treatment. Ohio. Attorney general Davis calling for an end to the statute of limitations for rape. He released a letter Monday, which was also signed by five previous attorneys general saying, murder cases don't have a statute in some ways you might say it's worse than homicide because the trauma that stems from rape is born by the survivor for the remainder of life. And currently the statute of limitations for rape in Ohio, is twenty five years. President Trump sat down with British Prime Minister Theresa may and business leaders from the US and UK today, he says he looks forward to forming a bilateral trade agreement with the UK as it prepares to exit the EU later this year. I think we'll have a very,.

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