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This dark period I know that we stood up for Oklahomans to take on the life it has not been easy but it is man while working and Johnson and Johnson says it will appeal an alleged prostitute under arrest facing charges in connection with the overdose death of a New York City chef forty one year old Angelina parini charged in federal court accused of distributing substances containing fentanyl sources indicate she told police that she given thirty three year old Andre as emperor only liquid ecstasy and then you never woke up after passing out he served as the head chef at chip Brianti dolci in Grand Central Terminal workers reported him missing and he was found dead last Thursday wrapped in a blanket inside in Elmhurst queens hotel that neighbors described as a prostitution and drug den Marini the accused also faces charges in connection to two other fatal overdoses I'm James flippant W. O. R. news president trump today saying he's convinced that China does one make a trade deal the vice chairman of China came out that he wants to see a deal made he wants it to be made under calm conditions user award com I agree with them on that and John is taking a very hard hit over the last number of months and Wall Street climbing on those comments will check the numbers in a couple of minutes and T. cyclist versus pedestrian crash in Central Park has landed both in the hospital seems a delivery person on a bike hit the pedestrian unclear who had the right of way when the collision occurred in the park near you seventy second street and their conditions not known at this time the news is brought to you by mothers against drunk driving for victims of drunk and drugged driving your grief is unique but you're not alone you always have a place at mad call the twenty four hour victim help line at eight seven.

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