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And a half billion dollar request to address a record influx of Central American migrants, fleeing violence, Mr. Trump says he will sign this measure the section of highway one along the cinema county coastline is sliding into the ocean. The road has been limited to only one lane which will tie up Moyal day weekend. Traffic for sure KCBS Jeffrey Schaub report. Cal trans the whole community meeting in data tonight to discuss the roadway emergency the hundred foot long section of highway sits just inches away from a cliff below huge jagged rocks where the ocean meets the shoreline. Highway one has been a rooting for years, but became so dangerous after winter rainfall hell trans head to reduce it to one shared lane, and installed a large traffic light, which creates delays for motorists Pam Dorn, failed lives across from the crumbling roadway. She knows the couch trans has long term plans to relocate this stretch of highway four hundred feet inland and construct a large bridge over a giant cove. In the meantime, I mean, it's going to be a real drag for all the traffic that happens here during the summer, it's gonna take a long time for them to actually make this temporary until they move the road repair, but say Levy the highway relocation project could begin in two years. Fingers crossed invitation. Obey jeffrey. Schaub KCBS. Hear a lot about at least anecdotally, about how people are leaving the bay area in droves because of the high cost of housing in terrible traffic. KCBS as Mike Cogan says that's actually not reflected in the latest numbers from the US census bureau, a lot of people may be leaving. But just as many if not more are moving in John Goodwin with.

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