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Thousand Chris I'm David Caplan three one two three three two three seven seven six have some fun over some of his stories and then Horace grant just awesome awesome replace some of that in a little bit as well and I will talk to Bob Costas at eleven thirty three one two three three two three seven seven six funny that C. V. differences on social media some people absolutely believe Horace grant and I told you the other guys I did the show with yesterday for bad online those guys all had some they went back at Michael and how the documentary portrays of them and how it portrays him so a lot of interesting stuff from that and then horse came out here today and I was very critical of Michael very and it's interesting to now that we've got that the benefit of the five weeks ten episodes all in the rear view mirror how many guys who either warn included or didn't like how they were perceived or didn't like how somebody there close to like Horace did like how Scotty was proceed how upset they are and I was told yesterday Scott is furious furious how he was perceived he said the someone I know waiting on the twenty first best player but I'm selfish I'm a bomb and then bill Cartwright when they question was was got a selfish she said who left and went to play baseball that was bill Cartwright who's your co captain who's one of the truly great guys you ever deal with so there was more than a little dysfunction going on in that organization three one two three three two three seven seven six is our phone number on a replace up from horse again if you missed it I asked horse were you the source directly for your source your source for the Jordan rules for author Sam Smith which was a best seller it is a a downright outright completely locked lad LifeLock and as I stated if you have a word with me let me let me let's talk about it or we can sell it another way four year deal he goes out and put the light out there that will do for them and I have always been great he still wakes but thanks to the of the locker room I would never put anything personal out there the mere fact that Sam Smith well the investigative reporter that he had to have two sources to to to to write a book I get Wildwood NJ just point me out okay right there I mean there is only a bridesmaid I'm telling you the only drug that I think he proved that doing this so called documentary when if you don't say something if you say something about him it's going to cut you off if he's going to try to restore your character I mean you know Tom Barclay they've been crippled twenty thirty years he said something about Michael's management with the Charlotte bobcats goes along with and then there will be there tomorrow my friend mark my point is that he called if there are legitimate well you will after thirty or thirty five years he brings up he's looking here wanted to wanted to make room that's one of the major moments in cold can lead and women my point is why why the hell did he want to bring that up what what they got to do with anything I mean if you if you want to call them by the minute after they are made right there wow that's a damn snitch right there when I did the interview yesterday with those four guys to get it was cart right Hodges Horace and Ron Harper here's how I ended the interview for this bad online symposium that I did with them guys Michael Jordan's turn sixty five you get an invitation to go to his birthday party would you go how many of the people show up or you've got to go where what home where my does she keep eight all right I'm not even opening the damage well you're going what is worst okay where's the party at Laura had a beautiful mansion okay there is what are you going your guide to drink it out of food well I was I was smoking a cigar yeah there you go so there's the four of them Hodges great cart right and Harper when I asked them that question yesterday there's just there was so much much dysfunction that went on with that team and it's amazing they were able to go six and in championships and beat that good and overcome that kind of dysfunction a lot of it caused by Jerry Krause his relationship with his hand picked head coach Phil Jackson like all of it blended together it just did and it's sad that that's how it was but it was like that through all the nineties it was don't make a right don't mean crosses right and they're wrong or they're right across the state all contributed to it that's the sad thing you would thank you put together the greatest player with the greatest team in NBA history and you do nothing but win you never lose never you got to six finals you never lose and everybody can't get along everybody can't get along and I'm just telling you those four guys for the hour I did that yesterday I'm just telling you it's not as close and as lovey dovey with M. J. as people want to believe it just was not five three one two three three two three seven seven six is our phone number if you've got a comment question thought of what you just heard from Horace grant Danny are you surprised to see the level of dysfunction and again I am not blaming one person everyone contributed to it Jerry Krause should have been kept in line no doubt about it are you surprised when a team does nothing but win that they can all get along more harmoniously I mean this is twenty two years later I don't necessarily consider this dysfunction real dysfunction but it was during the nineties listen I watched the last dance every second of it it seemed that they got along well they they they hugged each other they applaud each other they were a team when the team needed to be a team on the court they were a team in practice they came together for one goal and that was to win championships right now Horace grant can hear his sour grapes and bill Kerr right can make jokes that he can't get to Florida and Ron Harper could say he drank Michael Jordan's wine and smoking cigars and Craig Hodges could be bitter that he wasn't included in the documentary that's fine there's one man Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time you're not gonna win a pissing match with him you're just not and it does say that there was dysfunction back then it seemed that the dysfunction was with the management they had a good us versus them mentality also on the court first them in the in the front office whatever happens now whatever they say now is fine they're all voicing their opinion and that's great the reason they're able to do that on your TV show this radio show is because of the last dance and Michael Jordan put their names in prominence right now I don't think there was really that kind of discord they won championships everyone should be grateful for each other we should be grateful for them they should be grateful for Michael don't disagree with anything you said except one there was that kind of discord that's fine but you can't like what does it matter I'm just surprised that you can't like honestly who cares they did that Jerry Krause Jerry Reinsdorf broke up the greatest rock greatest dynasty of all time that's the discord that's that's what upsets me as a fan I don't really care floors grant got to eat on the plane or not I don't care if Fred Hodges wanted more shots or not I don't care about any of that they won championships they won championships because the greatest player in the world drove them to do it he said in the documentary that I give everything I have to win and if you don't like it I'm sorry if you want to play that way that did it to it literally doesn't matter right now if you told me that they could have won eight championships but because they didn't get along they didn't I would be upset if they lost in the NBA finals because Michael was being a bully pull to the rest of the guys on the team I would be upset but that's not the case they went to the final six times they won it six times and never played a game seven so I don't care how bitter they are at Michael they got the results that everybody wanted yeah I just find it sad that not just the bull's eye who can put it your name artist Mike and the Mad Dog pick any of these great do all those are teams it always ends badly let me chat with us it always ends badly captain net nothing lasts forever except great marriages right it like god willing you and Mandy are merry till the day you die and then you can decide about eternity after that but for the most part everything great comes to an end the Beatles came to an end the bulls dynasty came to an end like you said Mike and the Mad Dog came to an end nothing lasts forever it's just the way it is and I listen to be honest if they're upset Michael they're mad at Michael they've got rings on their fingers thanks to Michael Michael proved he could win a championship without Horace Michael proved you could win a championship without car right Michael proved he can win championships without Ron Harper Michael certainly proved he could win championships without Craig Hodges did any of them would any championships without him no her poorly I know what he said he was in a retirement contract on the LA Lakers same with horse you know when you look after your question that Danny was are you surprised is that how we started this are you surprised at this no I'm just surprised not just this team I'm saying in life like anytime you like amazing success it just ends badly well you should be surprising is special when you're talking about the NBA world because we just saw in recent history the Golden State Warriors broke up Kevin Durant left what took place all last season the recent history in the league was that the warriors were one of the best teams ever but Durant's injury mon couldn't get along the rants didn't like the fact that everyone loves Steph curry the amount of admiration everyone has stores that carry a bother directly this is what happens in the NBA go to the early two thousands just after the Jordan here's what took place with Kobe and Shaq check one out it was a problem right they can get one like this is how it works it it doesn't end to buy them just all saying yeah we're happy with the way things went it's tough it's really tough to win an NBA championship that's just what it is yeah it's just sad that not just sports in life for you get a bunch of success and all of a sudden it's we can't get along three one two three three two three seven seven six more of your calls Bob Costas eleven thirty be right back capping company on ESPN one thousand Chicago's home for sports thank.

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