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Ron digger. Phelps has joined us here on sports byline again. This book is out. Check it out. Father Ted Harrisburg. He coached me as the name of the book in the book. You talk about the remembrance of Father Ted at the funeral and the outpouring of support that it inspired did anything. Surprise you about that outpouring. Now you know they they just knew. I mean. That's the thing that surprised me. The most when we left the basilica after his funeral mass and walks in a cemetery which is tradition even though he was in a hearse and the the priests would follow her and then close family and then friends. What impressed me and I'm walking. Linda and I'm looking at because both sides of the road repacked bound. Maybe a half mile walk from the silica up to the cemetery where all the theresa buried onto campus and I said to myself and I looked at Linda I said. Aren't we coed? She looked at me when she knew why. Both sides roads were lined with women. Not Men here but the women stood out and that was father has burs you know vision of what Notre Dame should they and this is gone back two years ago. Two Thousand Fifteen the other thing. That was really amazing with the city. The number guys smoking cigars. They were walking alive because has always enjoy a good cigar especially given way to get him out of Cuba. But I think more importantly It was how he as a as a priest and knowing that you have mentioned for what this university should be and putting people in positions where they can make a difference in other people's lives once they leave. This university wasn't just being a lawyer doctor. A an accountant. Whatever it may in Ben for men and women it was more when you get in that community. Make a difference to have nuts because that's the mission of the SE's The Pre stent Notre Dame. But I looked at him as as one guy when I got motivated and what he did with a civil rights and at that time it was for African Americans at the end of this life that civil rights black. I think what's as for all cultures. All religions all colors skin. It's what people need and it's that they have the right to be someone that can be positive and have an opportunity to win in a game. My life and I decided to do this book when I'm doing for him in the Civil Rights Act as what I get as far as income from this book. I'm pointing a scholarship together in his name for someone who needs it That's coming to Notre Dame and I think that's how we'll get a download the other side step. I think this out. I was on the sentencing Ratchet Committee for twenty two years and a lot of things behind the scenes that they then realise from nineteen eighty-four. Two thousand six one of them was back in nineteen eighty eight when we had the hundredth anniversary of Newt Rodney and that's tamper-proof so I went to the White House to President Reagan. The gipper which he did from what he played in that movie New Rock Dame. He was the GIPPER and He certainly had this Nancy. Ten thousand people well founder. Has this Thursday. The twenty fifth. We'll be hired years old That would be as anniversary. So since. No one's around since School Jessica Out September first on the Friday before the football season at home. We're GONNA have that first day of issue by the Postal Service. They've announced it and he's getting a forever stamp And His name and honor which means whatever you pay for it now you use it forever and by by role one hundred they can use them five years from now but more importantly It's what he was as a priest and now here it is. I think he's got honorary degrees from one. Hundred fifty colleges universities around the world. That's the impact. He made an education so I decided one of his favorite students ever that came to Notre Dame was Condoleeza Rice. Who's right down the road? From from San Francisco at Stanford. She came and got a masters here because Father Esko Berg. Not Family knew her and wanted to hear it again. That opportunity what she did so she will be the main speaker on September first priority at the ACC cases center and to honor Father Pittsburgh forgetting forever digger. One of the things that I know is that he set the tone for that university for some thirty five years and when it comes to the Athletic Department because I've had a lot of interaction with them what has struck me is is that they're not just athletes They're trained to be good people as well. I know when I go do an interview Athlete was in a coat and tie. He would show up on time. He would answer questions. I mean it was a different atmosphere than what I have seen almost anywhere else. Tell me a little bit about that. Development of the people on that campus. Well you'd go out recruit young man and get him at the age of eighteen. And you've got four years for manhood. And what what Notre Dame believes in the student athlete? They walked free. I coach fifty six players and all fifty six guys in twenty years that night. Coach got their degrees include. Nate Newton dancing Gary Brokaw but went to summer school after junior years. I made him promise her mom's they connect in summer school To get their degree. They left that they're juniors lanee NBA in both of them. Then they got their degrees. But it's what's their life after Basketball Fan. Wilcox on seventy eight final fourteen. He's now athletic. Director at Florida State. when I look and see Scott Paddock. He's President Chicago speedway When I look at Jamir Jackson who was from Peoria Illinois he is now president of Nansen ratings when it comes to the CFO. He's the guy runs the whole operation all these guys. I'm gone and have a life after their sport after basketball my case and when you take a look at what came out stats about four years ago. Seventy percent in the NBA and NFL players. Seventy percent five years and retire bankrupt. Well that doesn't happen too. Because they get the grease and they know how to play the game of life after sporting donning spring. Still in all of us as coaches as well as what? These athletes no one. I got into Notre name one of the things that I always interested in is the fact that there's one single memory of father Hedberg. What would that be for you because you interacted with him in such a a multiple and I know that's a tough question? No I tend to book. I'm a cancer survivor. Twice prostate cancer and bladder cancer and each time I go get a blessing for Father Hesterberg before the surgery and what happened. Bladder cancer back in two thousand fourteen. I wanted him and I said file a Guinea blessing befriends surgery and he said to me digger have the courage. I wrote that down the picture of that standard. It's still my while the piece of paper and a picture of that is in the book on what he did to inspire me to okay. You can pray. But you're going to get this done and you're going to want it and That is to me the memory and most and when he was sick and dying that last week I went and saw him over the Holy Cross House aftermath one day for lunch and I said remember what you told me when I had my bladder cancer and he looked and I said well here. It is have the courage. Well we're GONNA win this. You're going to have the courage. They weren't going to win a nice held. Its Own He in other blessing on the forehead before you know today's next after that he just didn't make any path. And that was the toughest thing until I went to the basilica because we we've had times when he had been sick maybe for a week and he'd fight it and come back in a wing was lousy and we just said when you know like hey it's February on April. You're going to be fine. So what happened was when he past March the third. They had yelling at the basilica on the campus. Lender got there by quarter in the three. A casket was there and man. I just lost it for ten minutes. I could not believe seeing them. They're in an open casket but a little sidebar had one of the freest awesome collins. Make sure he got a Cuban Cigar. Leave Linen is journey and the other thing I did Dan. Zak a guy runs a basilica for the Holy Cross priest. That's for these metals. A Saint Jude Medal in the Laney on Adele metal. Thank you just to gotTA. Ucla Game Mellon to we started winning causes and seventy six on won four straight years when I get a saint jude medal and the lady on the sacred heart. He blessed those medals and give them the people who are sick or got some issues on his behalf and light candles form but the ground stories in the book. But I tell John I said do me a favor. Here's two mantles makes jury takes them the next day the funeral. I see John Zach and I said John. Did you get the males in the casket? He said Yeah. Bigger there is less sleep next to a cigar. I mean that's been tested. That's that's how we were dating and Too many as I say a pretty appre for us. There's no I mean why not been quartzite bar. The Kennedys Fan came out in John F. Kennedy and snap back in the early spring like an April up in Boston and a friend of mine is the marketing for Postal Service. I have the Kennedy Sam. He said when excellent there any sympathy. I gotTa tell you this. He's a toupee. Come one come month as man came up and said father has used. Babysit my my sister and me back when obviously when finally went to Notre Dame he said. I'm bringing my mother ceremony. She's in her nineties. And and the vice president said okay. I'll send you an imitation of the postal service. This brachman came out and said what finally has Berg did for me and my life one on one personally is made me today. I want to come to that stand salmon. I said that this gentleman I said to him. Look your friends of the Postal Service? We don't have any thousands of people. WanNa come see. Hedberg and get that first day but you have this forever. Seeing Father Ted a priest for Sainthood I wanNA thank you digger wonderful book and thank you for writing it. You're welcome here anytime. Take care my friend. Okay digger Phelps with us again. Check out the book it's called He coached me. And we're talking about Father Ted s.

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