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Now. Kansas, and you know what? Juan Harris, they're going to get 15 good minutes out of him. I think that a little bit of pressure off which I make some even more effective at the end of a game where he's obviously been, you know, he's kind of like the Mariano Rivera. He's really been great at the end of games. And I think that I think also having a guy that can get in the lane and put pressure to draw to defend her up. Now makes the game easier for David, maybe for some duck offs where he can, he can get a bucket or two, but he's so comfortable. Dave McCormick is so comfortable in his role right now. And it seems like Bill is, you know, he can get a little snarky with his guys. And I think he really is enjoying this team. Michael, say, you know, maybe not his most talented team, but they're turning into in relation to the field. And talent and teams roster is not in relation to last year's field. Year before ten years ago, it's a relation to the field of playing now, like, you know, we always talk about Gonzaga. There's no bailar out there. So I have Kansas when in that one. Last one, I have a state Miami. He doesn't turn it over. I was state relies that turned into over 24% of their possessions. Iowa state struggles to score Miami could score pretty easy. They can spread out. They can open up the floor, which now you're making Iowa state defend more of the floor. Where you guys see this one. I like Miami. It's not just the way the way they're playing. It's the way they play. That 5 out offense is so difficult for traditional defenses to guard. I think Iowa state can do it because they do have some versatile defenders. It's not like they've got a traditional big guy that you need to pull away from the basket that protects the rim. Their physicality is going to be an issue for Miami so they better wear their mouth guards and make sure they're firmly in, but with the way Miami plays and the way they can isolate you and drive you with Isaiah Wong and cam augusti and Charlie Moore and Jordan Miller, all those guys in the Sam ward Burke and Pickett pop at times. I like Miami to win that game because they can score easier. And I think in that type of game, if you can, if you can score and they can get to the free throw line, I like their ability to win that. And I will state struggle with turning the basketball over and that plays to my strength and not a great defensive team, but they create a ton of turnovers and I think that's going to be the biggest factor in this game and I have Miami moving on. I've got Miami also in Jim Lara goes to Joe stone crabs and just passes to check back on to him because I'll never pay for another meal. Which is a good thing. So Jim, if you hear this, you hear all these great things. We're saying about you can ship those stone crabs anywhere in America. I won't mention my address. You know it's because of Christmas card. But once a month would be really appreciated because those things are freaking unbelievable. All right, so we participated in pontificated and beat it up. Funds. Your final four is. Gonzaga and the west, UCLA and in the east. Actually, I have to flip that one because now I have North Carolina beating UCLA and that means that you can't flip. You want me to keep my bracket the same? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You know what? I'm good for consistency. I'm going to share with the zags, UCLA, KU and Arizona. I am going to go ahead. You feel bad for making a flip now? No, I don't at all. You know what I mean? I got Gonzaga, Arizona, Kansas, and Purdue, and Purdue replaces Kentucky, who I originally had. Otherwise, I've got three of the original four and I can't change it even if I thought one of them was going to lose because it's not worth the beating you would take. Exactly. And now I have Purdue as well as Arizona and I have Kansas. Now here's the final question of the day. Okay, because I think it's going to make me feel good about myself. Percentile in ESPN, what's your percent down right now in terms of your brand, your pick spots? I'm.

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