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If I'm not a lot of percent close to 100% it on my own. You know where we like, you know, so You know, That's my mind set on you. And you know, it just happens to weigh end up at six or fifth or or whatever case may be over, end up in a playoff. Whatever That thing is. Whoever came up that Wow fired. Um, whatever. I love this whole dog down, trodden, a downcast LeBron James. He's all bummed out Now I love these depressed LeBron sound bites were getting a square like during the pandemic. Something else is changing me. I'm kind of in LeBron fan now. I don't know. Maybe I sit in my house for somebody get fired. I've kind of come around on brides that LeBron LeBron's version of storming the pitch little bit little bit the way some great text coming in 31. I was saying the Chris Mullin Jersey retirement ceremony was the closest a barrier fan base has come to storm in the pitch. Orifices where it was Rick Barry, when Man united name and needed him. Hey, people, people football supporters. This is crazy wreck out there in the tassels at their Old Trafford been quite so I think you'll like It was part of that, too. He was standing out there taking arrows taking the heat. Hey, also guys up a little bit more in number four here real quick and I'll head over to Murthy, mysterious Brooklyn Nets extremely mysterious club Kevin Durant. He's back. He scored 42. But Johannes had 49 the bucks out through them. The Brooklyn that's 1. 17 1 14. There's your final that helps Philly reclaim the top spot in the East Murph by a half game Philly in the number one spot, But I want to make the Nets. I mean, everybody, especially once they show. I mean, they are gonna show up at some point the same time it was Kevin Durant. You fall out of bed and hit for 40. That's pretty obviously true. Pretty to go wake him up right now for 40. What do you need for your three sports stories? The wires. Hey, they're back at it tonight that gravitational pull of 500. Very much a strong as any force on Earth. Holly. They're going on into New Orleans to take on Cyan Williams and Lonzo Ball one for 33 the other night by the way, Career high and Stan Van Gundy Heard moments. A, you know, standing going to hell. I'll just play Hello. He'll have that team ready to play. He's right. Though He's right. The pelicans are in desperation mode. They pretty much they have three games left the Warriors. They kind of need to sweep him, so they're gonna be playing like it's a playoff game. I got bad news. Andrew Wiggins is questionable tonight. He has played in every game this year. The soreness. He's been the Iron Man, Kelly, you break guys with a Tauron ligament in his wrist and a slight fracture in his palm. He's been playing through it. He's gonna be out tonight. So is Paschal and Damian Lee. So the short handed warriors against the pelicans Polly 4 30 tip for you at the Smoothie King Center in yours. Mine and Kermit Ruffins favorite city, New Orleans, by the way, just more updates as I get familiar with Murph getting re acquainted with Murph after if what feels like 10 years apart. I'm still slated to go to jazz fest they removed. They remember, I'm supposed to go last year. They cancel like when are we going? What's the dead now? They're saying makeup dater late October, So, yeah, I may see you there, my buddy dot cause who was supposed to get married during the pandemic in New Orleans. They've rescheduled it for October. 22nd in New Orleans. You never know it could be around about you and me and some move a lot to me, Bobby. We're I heard more from Acker in town. Y'all, Bobby, We're gonna blaze where his let Trey sing song. Let Trey play Let Trey throw right now that leads us to our number two sports story That is the 40 Niners draft. You still on a high from Trey? Lance? Sure. Yes, so much. So you probably didn't realize the foreigners have a rest of the draft. Right? So let's catch you up. Notre Dame off until I'm Aaron Banks, the physical men. We talked to John Lynch about this. The Niners No longer the Bobb McKittrick. They're not no longer with the fluid offensive lineman there. Look in the mall people. Now I heard banks at El Sereno High School. Or how about trading shenanigans to land electric. Ohio State running back Trey sermon. It's a beast. Wow, her Michigan cornerback, angry. Thomas Lynch just told us and a half hour ago that he likes his presence in the moment of truth. Western Michigan O lineman Jalen Moore. He would be the most anonymous player they drafted because you haven't taken organ quarterback de Amador Eleanor already, like Sam was a duck's fan or SC safety. Telling Noah who Fonda, who gave the emotional reaction is a playmaker was Pac 12 Defensive player of the Year or Louisiana and running back Elijah Mitchell, Louisiana Lafayette because he's got speed, and he marked Only the second time the first time since 1991. The Niners drafted two running.

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