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By Best Buy windows and siding the allied pilots association is going to court they're trying to stop American Airlines from continuing flights to and from China check the case says the union representing the pilots says they are worried about it and it's got the pilots on edge the union went to court in Dallas asking for a temporary and immediate restraining order halting flights to China American Airlines currently operates about fifty six monthly flights between Dallas fort worth and Chinese airports although some were already canceled due to decline in demand the union also told American Airlines pilots to decline any assignments to operate flights between the United States and China Chief Justice John Roberts has declined to read an impeachment trial question earlier this evening by senator rand Paul about the intelligence community whistleblower whose complaint letter the probe of president trump now Paul who's over Kentucky Republican says he thanks a whistleblower may have conspired with house aids in writing the August complaint that eventually sparked the house probe as transom patron trial continue today the Chief Justice read the question to himself when he declined to read the question I submitted earlier Roberts staff communicated to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell staff the Roberts didn't want to read the whistle blowers name during the proceeding and as all it's going on president trump is holding a rally tonight in des Moines Iowa a civil lawsuit against the Catholic diocese of Dallas was filed today claiming the church didn't do enough to protect the girl from a former priest Richard brown the suit alleges that brown repeatedly raped an eight year old girl in the early nineteen eighties after Sunday school at the Holy Family of Nazareth church in Irving the lawsuit claims the diesis Catholic diocese of Dallas knew that brown psychosexual disorder rendered him unfit for a position of trust and confidence the Dyson said this week it had encouraged police to arrest him and it denies it had been trying to hide anything Texas business closing numbers on Wall Street the Dow closed up one twenty five nasdaq was up by twenty four points and the S. and P. five hundred was up by ten right now it is forty three degrees in downtown Dallas from the W. B. A. P. newsdesk hi Mickey breaks your next update will be at eight thirty twenty four seven coverage is that W. B. A. P. dot com this is the news and told them to twenty eight and ninety nine five and then the city to start date to what a day today is and has been the questions are still going on in the impeachment trial today's the last day with the questions and tomorrow they will have four hours of debate four hours of debate tomorrow and then they're going to take a vote I actually think the debate is going to be awesome I think the sparks are gonna fly the first gonna fly but we had a lot of for flying today and boy have I got the audio to prove it but T. the first thing is to answer the call the queers chin as to why aid would say to answer the question I will there be witnesses I will say right now no way in heck you never know but no way in heck the Democrats want you to believe that they want witnesses so they can turn around and use it against the Republicans say very we know fair trial no no real draw sure I honestly think that only little old Mitt Romney mittens is the only one that's going to be a Republican to vote for witnesses or to impeached little all mittens all by themselves mittens Romney his little hate filled there's even Republicans seeking their pass legislation in Utah the recall senator which is pretty amazing but we'll get we'll get.

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