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Think feels a little safer to people those all inclusive packages and one of the travel experts. That you were talking to about this. Put it a pretty accurate way. I think we went from these social bubbles and pods very carefully curated groups of friends and family that she would be doing stuff with two now bubble travel which is kind of this all inclusive thing. We're getting out. We're going to other locations. But it still has that feeling of safety. Ns because you're staying on that resort. You're limiting yourself in that sense. Yeah it's it's like people are trying to limit their exposure and other they're not trying to sort of wing it and say oh well. We'll catch a bus from here or maybe it will stop in at the city. They're trying to be like okay. You know didn't go anywhere at all last year. We need a break. We need a vacation. We might have saved up a little extra money. What the way we could do this. In the way that seems the safest and a lot of these resorts are also requiring either kobe test beforehand or on site so it gives people at least the feeling of safety. Yeah and you mentioned it right there. A lot of people are splurging this time around because they were able to save some money last year in large part due to not going on these vacations that people would normally do know. Stimulus checks all that stuff. Whatever it is people have saved up more money. So they're looking for these more luxury experiences. Also yeah i think it's a two part thing right. Yeah you didn't spend any money last year and vacations or anything and then also it was just a hell of a year. You know people want to feel like okay. I'm getting a break finally. I'm gonna get this. And what i'm going to make it really look serious if possible. Another interesting thing about all of this. We came out of memorial day weekend. Lot of people travelling. you know. we're doing these stories looking towards summer and what to expect and all that but the travel industry does have a long way to recover one of the big things when you look at it. Cruises and cruise lines really took a huge hit during the pandemic in part because of those closures and there was outbreaks on those things before that you know we always heard stories about outbreaks of norovirus. Even so that was always kind of thing but cruise lines really do have a very loyal customer base but still it's gonna take a while for that travel industry to come back what you're seeing. The cruise industry is a lot. What you're like what you're seeing in the travel industry and that's that it's recovering more quickly in north america. It's a couple of more quickly in the united states where you have higher vaccination rates all of travels sort of related. You know people are going to travel once. They're vaccinated for the most part so you're seeing a lot of common. Us destinations recovering more quickly. So the caribbean is doing much better cruises than something more internationally. And that's also people traveling again for the first time in more than a year. It just makes sense that they wanna go somewhere like a little closer to home. That feels a little more safe than you know. Going on a big international attract the other part of it too is You know places. Like vr b. o. Airbnb are also gonna be impact with a lot of people wanting to get out there remote work. Airbnb i know is aiming at a shift at longer stays things like twenty eight a month long basically but even you know again going back to that. You know i'm planning on vacation. What are my options. A lot of these airbnb and houses places. These isolated places that have easy access to water mountain ranges parks. They had really good years. This past year and that trend is going to continue to the resorts for. You're talking about that sort of the new trend at the one. That's like continuing over from last year. Is this idea of road trips. And then vacation rentals so There's an estimate that there's going to be more row tricks this year than there were twenty nineteen which is what you'd expect normal years for to get more and more and then the vacation rental industry you know things like airbnb are also expected to do really well again because people like having their own house and where they could kind of stay separate from other people and as you mentioned this whole work from home trend where people are allowed to work from pretty much anywhere. They're saying. Hey why don't. I go rent a place for a few weeks or a month because i could be anywhere. Why do i have to be my apartment in brooklyn. I could be next to a national park and similar to the resort thing with these outta hitchin rentals. The ones that are doing best are the ones where they're located next to something nice and outdoors either national park or the lake or you know something where people could get outside and and do the relatively safe thing ronnie. Mola senior data reporter. Fox's recode thank you very much for joining us supposed to plug in your coop. Intendo to your four k. Hdr screen. The tv doesn't know what to do with it. I mean it sends out an analog signal in what's called two forty p which is a low rez video signal. The tv thinks it's four eighty or four eighty p doesn't know what to do with it tries to scale it up and i look really messy and joining us now is aiden. Mo- her game journalist and contributor to wired. thanks for joining us aidan. Thanks so much for having me to talk about some gaming right now. More specifically retro gaming and One of the hottest pieces that retro gamers are looking for right now are actually old. Crt tvs so these old. Cathode ray tube tvs to complete that retro gaming. Look but also a lot of times. These retro games were made for these types of tv so it looks better than it would on. You know what we're using now big. Lcd flat screens so eight. And tell us a little bit about Kind of this renaissance of retro gaming. And how a lot of people are looking for these. Tv's right now sure yeah. I'm in my late thirties. And so i grew up game two. Tv's right. i had a super nintendo. I hadn't intended for people in a playstation. That's what i had to tv. I actually used the commodore sixty four monitor as my main gaming mission as a as a kid growing up and These systems in the games more designed with graphics and and video signals that were meant to be sped into teas that you know had lower resolution lower fidelity but also really interesting technology behind them but cathode ray to batum really produced a super unique interesting video signal and look and while i would say that you know you go back and you watch Old vhs tape. They don't hold up very well because the technology behind them but you know not not there yet like video. Technology for film and television has come so far until his game. But you can't go back as effectively or as easily like remastered or a super nintendo game for martin without a lot of effort and of course it happened but if you plug in your whole super nintendo to your four k. Hdr screen. Tv doesn't know what to do with it. I mean it sends out an analog signal in what's called two forty p which is like a low rez video signal. The tv thinks it's four eighty i or four. Adp doesn't know what to do with it. Tries to scale it up and look really math money so there are ways you can do that. You can bake it into the software to that. End up residence All graphics in software spits it out as a ten eighty p video signal or you get an expensive scaler that you would plug into your tv. That'll do that job. But that's still out putting you know an analog video signal onto a digital screen through digital pipeline in.

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