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Boat come comedian lay the bowed deck being the place where the lifeboats were and i could see that everyone was judge sulaiman coined trying to get into the lifeboats and i went forward up the slanting toward the bell and i remembered that there was a small dolan raft attached to the front gun tub one up with the idea that i might be able to release the little ralph and was above a two or four man with a in the bottom cork sides and as i was looking at that raft another sailor and i told him above my plan for their any said good let's get it down read and just then up came a sailor boost cirque with fear grabbed the fire that was also lashed to the side of the gun term and begin to for some crazy reason chop that raff to bits and he was plus cirque with fear so i decided the that was no place for me so i went over to the port side of the ship and started sliding down the back side did i would look over the side and i found that the ball was reared abode suddenly feed above the water her and so i went further down finally got to the point or i was above thirty feet above the water i threw off my arctic mittens took off my arctic boots through off miners steel hillman and simply jumped over at that point i must explain we had four lifeboats and we had ninety people including crew armguard and passengers and each boat who capable of handling about 25 people are we had enough live birds additionally we had from liferafts unfortunate in the rough weather for the.

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