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The way the story is being told by breitbart on give them full credit matthew boyle is a great reporter i know him personally he writes representative adam schiff democratic california the ranking member of house permanent select committee on intelligence fell for a spoof by russian pranksters who promised in a call with the top house democrat to furnish him with come pro matt beds the russian term for compromising dirt on president donald trump schiff found the early 2017 calls for about a year ago with the russian pranksters who posed as ukrainian leaders productive one of his staffers wrote in an email to the russians posing as ukrainians with whom he was talking now after getting caught in the media by reports in the atlantic magazine and the daily mail newspaper out of great britain as well as audio of the call appearing on youtube they shift spokesperson claims the powerful democrat congressman fought the call was bogus all along but it's not exactly what the audio sounds like an i just got it and i voted shares some of it i'm not going to play the whole thing it's several minutes longer take a listen there's a little music in the background but this has adam schiff in the early part of last year talking to a couple of russians pranksters that he thought were providing him with legitimate dirt on pro then presidential campaign then president donald trump tackler hi how are you hello mr xi think of her time of future mnay appreciate the opportunity to speak with you i know that you've worked full investigation of guarding trotman rushed down last via what else on important information about it on him at is documented as well and the tour's you want to provide two of this could explain uwua the yet of course vote though again i would caution that the russians may be listening to the was sure anything of the vine there's much more to it i have a feeling it's going to be really interesting for adam schiff to try to explain exactly why he was talking to somebody who is claiming to be a ukrainian agent of foreign power about information.

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