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Two support for this empire podcasts in the following message comes from td ameritrade did you know there is a simpler approach to investing driven by tedium mira trades advanced technology with essential portfolios pursuing your financial goals is now automated and easier than ever learn more by visiting td ameritrade dot com slash ask me and other dan what's unique about the human experience and what are we all have in common and guyroger every week on ted radio hour we go on a journey to the big ideas motions and discoveries that fill all of us with wonder find it on npr one or wherever you get your podcasts bloom boom boom boom this is npr's asked me another i'm jonathan golden here with puzzle gruber grape liska now here's your host oh fear a eisenberg john before the break we met our contestants heather and john soon jonathan colton will sing about things with mack in their name is jonathan a mac or epc turns out he's a human being okay with thoughts and some emotions thank you but first this check in with our contestants heather why do you right ya novels because i think it's a really hard for adults to develop a love of reading but for teenagers you can kind of trick them into thinking reading is cool and you can develop a love of reading at that age so what kind of themes in why a novels are you particularly into i tend to write novels about teenagers who fall in love but then it doesn't work out in the end.

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