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Traffic from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. Seen a new collision on North pound. Uh, well, I five just north of Marine view drive and disabled vehicle rather partially blocking the Wrights Lane. Also still seeing a bit of slowing on north five and Seattle right around the convention center. Next report is 1 34. I'm Evan Smith. Coming traffic. We're declaring our independence from rain. Not only today, but the next several days around western Washington Heights today, upper seventies to lower eighties sunshine throughout the afternoon after morning low clouds you can copy and paste that forecast on Monday, Tuesday and even Wednesday. In the couple of tampering. Some companies ABC Entertainment News Sunday night It's the Big A Capitol Fourth celebration on PBS hosted once again by Vanessa Williams. I'm doing a tribute to Juneteenth, which is a wonderful opportunity to highlight our our new federal holiday and I'm singing, lift every voice and sing, which has been Kind of our our Negro and national anthems also performing the Acapella group Pentatonix doing seasons of love from Rent, which group members, Scott Hoying explains. I think it's a song that everyone needs to hear. Right now. It's really like Lifting song. Measure your life and love, and I think you know we're all reuniting as as things start to open up. We're all feeling the love for each other. We're feeling the love for music and left for our country. And so it felt really appropriate And the performance is very epic, too, so it has a grandeur about it. And it's July 4th birthday for post Malone Who's 26. Sunday. Jason ABC NEWS Hollywood. I'm Eric Heinze with another Como extra. The summer heat will take a toll on not just your body, but also.

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