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Calvin is in the Bronx with a Calvin Hey how you doing good man what's on what's on your mind go go to map out a survey by the friend been long time within the first I'm a talk to you thank you appreciate that I appreciate the call what's up my may not like the previous call a few calls back you said you you'll you'll Buffalo Bills brother and all that I am not a bills fan the coldest I said I said I had a good friend who lives in buffalo he's a big bills fan so I kinda have a soft spot for the bills I root for them because I am okay cool cool not so yeah I always put the model the actual model will begin a year that we're gonna make a run this year and make the play all because Josh alley was gonna get better and I believe the management and the owners they've done great the last two three years to make them as been hired so put the team on the field draft right and I just trust the process along the way so we've been doing that with that said like you said I think we're gonna going to Houston beat the technical gonna be it's kind of unusual for you with with with that with her you know it's gonna be no listen they depressed isn't that good but they will come make enough police to score and and stop watching a few times and I think sounds anyway now are so my wife is and I say we're gonna go into Baltimore week two and I think we're gonna suck the world brother while law that would I would think that would shock the world I would be surprised Calvin if that was the case now I don't I would not be surprised the bills when all playoff game and I don't think it's impossible to beat the ravens but I would be I would be surprised that would be I mean give me goose bumps thinking about it I will be an incredible win for your bills if they were able good I'm sorry I don't know what it is I think the more exactly yeah he's affecting your quarterback on me all the way around the guys great okay brought you make the cradle place but I just feel like I would be friends we have got go pass rush I think we have the the linebackers it kind of kind of cheat on the outside the kind of by name and we have a great secondary that we could play they'll have a big favor we could play mark Andrews with Mike to hide one on one instrument and when the box man so I kind of feel like three weeks ago in one but it wouldn't be enough plays like off basically I don't think that the first girl like you could really it really that good I think we could maybe it'll be a close game like the twenty three twenty game I have been about but that's the catch Calvin is that I don't believe your offense is good enough that's the plan I don't believe Allen is there yet now if Josh al goes out there and play the game of his life and is making plays not just with his legs but through the year and not just worn a Muslim all one I'm so about three or four if he's doing them big plays I'm talking about right down if he does that that's how you could win and that would shock the world because he hasn't really done that yet bills or you know you know this better anybody they play close to the vest their conservative the gonna run the football gonna play defense and then maybe make some plays off of that I think they'll need to open it up a little bit if they ever article even Baltimore and win that game well I'll be there if that's the case we I'm not getting ahead of myself but I have though so be ready all right yeah the yeah the hotel room and I think you are getting any yourselves Galvin it has been that even on a good night you too man good luck to your bills merry Christmas and everything and happy holidays I would love to see it look might pick is the chief site I've already place that wager I did it last week the chiefs to go to the Superbowl it was like was a three and a half yeah about three and a half to one I think for the cheese to go to the Superbowl that's my take in the AFC I think it's their year I like the way that the line at a line up of Kansas city I think they're gonna beat New England and then look maybe the ravens are there but even if the ravens are there I still get the feeling that Kansas city is just coming together at the right time they had their adversity throughout the year with my homes getting hurt their defenses awful spec no all right now has that defense playing very well they tell their opponents of three points each in a less risk is the last two weeks Denver and and the bears on Sunday night football defense by much better you know the weapons that they have often simply there they've learned from last year they have the head coach I think all the pieces are in place new England's not as I I don't want to save new England's not as dangerous there's still a patriot that's long as Belichick and Brady or they're they're still the pats but they're not as good as they wore a year ago I mean maybe that's the easiest way to say it I think they can be at going in there is I mean going to New England journal above game never easy and that will likely be the case you can imagine I'm losing a Miami that would be something that would change everything in the AFC but even so I still think Kansas city I just get the feel it's very year to go to the Superbowl and the more I think about it might be the Packers year for our Rogers give back as well because I don't know of anybody else in the NFC Packers chiefs Chris is in king thought of Chris good are you well I'm a giants fan and I'm really happy with Daniel Jones and if you if you can act any person I excuse question who would you rather have gone for Daniel Jones Jack Prescott all have Gail Jones anytime because he's accurate that quest I you know I mean Mrs he made on that yeah you get the account because the eagles he had wide open players and he missed the band that's not that's not great I mean dak does some good things he does a bad thing so overrated he's going to want everyone like forty million the naked given that much money like I know they got the money to Dallas my because who's that that's their quarterback that's all right I mean you need to be the quarterback but if you're asking me who I'd rather have moving forward it's a tough one dak Prescott has that Chris got is one he's established more than Daniel Jones but I think Daniel Jones I don't see the better player right now I think he certainly got more potential and I like his style better than I DO dak Prescott I don't trust act on the football mania I DO trusting of Jones from right he was not present isn't his union the running game you're out of the play action well I'm one of the things I I know you like the Packers but some brief isn't playing like that out yes twenty four touch up to perform this action you know a lot a lot of I wonder whether our receiver Michael Thomas your love clog the tide add in other key for they have some injuries I understand that but the bigger Jordan how do you do do you think it Jenkins the album's second there to go long Lattimore I think the point this year than also brought let you know what given what happened at Saran last year you want my money wouldn't worry about them you would more about the scenes on the road we all I think they're different team this year I don't know I think the the the build a fire storm ends yeah I know your Rogers and great but he had a great year this year no the fact is more about the role of running the football playing defense I just think the scenes on the road specially if you talk about in January in Green Bay New Orleans on the road historically I mean I think I went over this the other night if I'm not mistaken breeze as only one road playoff game only one well removed playoff land outside of a dome and again his career I'm pretty sure that that was the case I look at a later today but you know of them if they do actors are you do things yet hi do you think of the forty Niners have been doing I think I think the Niners are very vulnerable and thanks for the call Chris I think the Niners of all vulnerable I I I if it's if it's seen signers I probably big things in the game and I've I've been saying all along I think the Niners early on were saying the Niners a legit I mean if you watch them you would know that also that the Niners were the best team to me overall in the NFC but that doesn't mean you know just because you're the best team doesn't mean you always want doesn't mean you're going to go to the Superbowl doesn't work like that if the Niners have the one seed if they do take care of the Seahawks on Sunday night I still think that they're gonna get beat I just something about them I think mostly see and experience I think I think they will get knocked off as the ones he but I mean who knows maybe they is there I'm you Kiat look you love the defense you all their physical nature of the offense even with gore Oppel always been good and grapples been up and down a little bit and people question him that may be the weakest link but I just think the experience in the post season against what should be battle tested teams whether it's the Packers scenes although Packers now the new head coach Ricky a coach Seahawks eagles for that matter I think they but I think either of those teams any of those teams could be tough matchups form eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six okay to more calls on the other side it Saleh caught on the fan right now an update here's our sound.

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