Vice President, Israel, President Trump discussed on Religion On the Line


The congregation i don't really care more fully about you but to extend their compassion to scores of other families affected by senseless tragedy news yo yeah jerusalem the uh so i as the the aware i am not a a vice president of an organization called the north american board of rabbis and one of the things we discussed was whether or not uh we the organization should issue a statement a of any kind in connection with the uh action of the president in suggesting that rick full recognition of jerusalem as the capital for the state of israel on than the in theoretically not excluding the notion that to jerusalem cut will and can also be the this the capital of a ultimate palestinian state in moving the embassy it cetera uh we ultimately decided that the the best response was to knock issue a statement but this was the statement that i drafted and then i want to add an them the the statement everyone out while there may be disagreements among us about specific policies there is unanimity that for three thousand years the jewish people have known the jerusalem was and remains the capital city of our dreams and nations the actor mother president today acknowledges that reality on behalf of the north american border rabbi as we expressed appreciation for his response we pray this step will enhance prospects for peace in that troubled part of the world and for people everywhere and that was the statement that never went out my own fear is that the action was intended to have a alternative purpose they've got me into trouble namely to stir up violence in the mud in the muslim world so that the emit will contribute to the continuing debilitation and limitations on muslims in the united states and coming to the united states that's my fear uh even as uh our rocker tom friedman had a remarkable column called the art of the giveaway uh which is to say to the extent that the whole expansion of settlements is an obstacle to peace in a clearly is an obstacle on the palestinian side to coming to the table in negotiating peace um the this recognition i believe would have been wellserved diplomatically if a if a response had been and any estranged no settlement expansion let me give it a try yep yep uh in in.

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