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Plus. Before we get started. I want to give a mega shout out to all the listeners who've been sending us their fantastic ideas for people in Australia who we should interview at our live show at the Sydney Opera House in March. We I think the second the episode dropped last week. You know, all the folks in Australia were probably just finishing their work day or something, and we got a flood of ideas of great Australian women who we should interview. There were a ton of great ideas. Please send us more. I mean, I've just been amazed at the enthusiasm of our Australian fans, and the more ideas, we have the better. So thank you all. All right onto you. Kristen why don't you? Tell us a little bit about the show, and what you thought of it. Yes. Yes. You and by the way that spelled y oh you just like not me you. The show focuses on a character named Joe played by Penn Bauge Lee, who many people may know from gossip girl, and how his character Joe is in pursuit of back an aspiring writer played by Elizabeth Lael, and he meets her when she first shops at his bookstore, and from there, it's boy meets girl. Boy stocks girl. Boy kills everybody else. You know, all those things, and you know throughout all of this. We hear the boys inner monologue, which of course, is totally creepy at times. But also, this is the notable part. He's also very clever frequently in very funny in his criticisms.

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