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Accepted acceptance. They'll come with awareness. That was really nice. Such a simple small just to begin with small takeaway. But i love it and i am actually hoping people to listen to this and bring about this small change in their lives. Thank you so much shalini for dispelling so many myths about fragile like syndrome. And i'm your parents are going to benefit from this. Thank you so much. I it was good pleasure doing stuff and i'm amazed and i'm so glad with the questions you. They were quite hospitable. King and I do hope this fought got g to out do many beat the and i would have lead anyone and everyone who heals. This card is the alleged if it was peo- chai with autism them to read about so john excel the family. You will be empowering them and of course don't forget the high effects absolutely so a guys. Intellectual disability is not uncommon. Every one in three thousand two thousand kids ends up with either one of the diagnosis downs autism fragile x so thinking that why should i need to. I don't know anybody who has this or my child doesn't have it. It doesn't end there. You can connect with the fragile leg society of india on instagram facebook and their website. The links will be mentioned in the show notes below. You can also support them either by avair of this condition spreading the word on social media or by donations. So that's it for today until then stay. Halley stay happy. That's it for today. Do subscribe to my podcast so you will be notified. Episode is online. You can find us on instagram. Facebook twitter and lincoln as dr mommy's speaks. Don't forget to like and review our podcast. Wherever you listen it will help others to find this podcast and you can visit our website. Dr mommy speaks dot com pfoa slash podcast for all our show notes and any resources mentioned by me on my and while you're at it don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter onto len happy parenting..

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