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Phones to grass Lake Michigan. This is Carol great to have you high. After you. Question. I actually I'd like I would like to address the border crossing incident, and I very much question. What kind of loving, caring? Parents mother would quit your children in harm's way with tear-gas possible injury possibly being trampled. If they were an American citizen, and they did that to their kids. They'd probably be put up on charges of a fuse. And I'm very disgusted that none of the media has pointed that out that is getting what kind of a parent would put their child in harm's way. And I on. I would like to just say merry Christmas to you and your staff and wish you all a safe and happy holiday. Well, I hope the same for you. And we deeply appreciate it. You know, your your question about kind of what kind of mother would subject her child to tear gas and rocks. Let me ask you this. What kind of mother would put her single digit age kids on a train or a flatbed truck? Travel fifteen hundred miles alone from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras. All the way up through Mexico to the United States border. I mean, the risks and the dangers to six year olds and seven year olds. And yet they do it. I have. No, I don't understand that at all subjected to all these people. No, one has mentioned any of the crimes that have happened. You can't tell me that three to five thousand people that there aren't rate that there aren't sexual abuse going on with you know about. All right..

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