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I asked big pussy. Remember him? Your visit. Yeah. How you feel in any? He has a really bad cold. If you see him on the shows this morning, you'll you'll hear and other than that. I feel really old. Remembers how quickly the show caught on. And the impact it had on HBO. Remember when we first aired not everybody was subscribing and they're going to quote on. Everybody's does subscribe at as we wanted to second year. It was hard to go to work because. Paparazzis around the set. And you know, they wanna know where we're going to shoot. Events came up in the second year for the first year. That's when we kind of looked at each other and realized that we had something, you know, after that they're invited to all the awards shows. And it was this Worrell win. And Pastore is amazed at how many kids are just discovering this show now they're binge-watching and he's big pussy to a whole new generation. And I asked him, you know, you're still known as big pussy mobster. Are you are you okay with that, John rain wise, guys, I always work, and I became like a cult figure with the character that I played on the show. So frustrating at all, it's just you know, what they want me to do. And they like I'm doing a pilot now Florida Bob Balsam and good actors, and they sent me the script that I deliver it. So if I'm going to become the Adam west of Seattle. Does. His favorite episode was fun house. And that's when he was whacked on the fishing boat. Oh, yeah. By Tony, paulie, and Silvio. So his favorite line not in the face. Let me keep my eyes. Mark Barron was a standing on the show for many years, and he's been hosting a sopranos say a stand in. Yeah. You want me to? So when they go ahead. So so you mean the guys who went when they're setting up the shot. Right. So the actors Len they don't have to waste their they're blocking the light standing for the lighting. So you have a standard you're up. You're in your trailer. And you're standing is they're doing okay, right. Stand in the sky. Yeah. And he got to know the cast, and he got the directors, and he's also a screen writer, and he's a theater guy, and he's been hosting sopranos tour since two thousand one for on location towards you get picked up in the garment district you go through the Lincoln tunnel. And then fifty nine miles of New Jersey, you get to see views of the opening. And if you remember the opening buddy who lives in New Jersey found that very confusing. Tony he's driving in circles. Joke is somebody's following them. Few tried to follow it. It was like where where are they going? They play the music they do trivia they had for key site diner, where Christopher was shot to. What was the the pork store? There's a bunch of locations right around. It the being of course. And then we go to where they filmed the final scene halston up in jersey. So that brings us to that wacky ending. Do they take you by Tony soprano's house? Yep. Newark Newark right houses in Newark. Yeah. Norc wasn't Clifton Clifton Clifton. Oh, you mean the house his mother's house within Newark remember in the first season. But anyway, it brings us to the ending where you see Tony sitting in the diner he hits don't stop believing the daughters out trying to park her car, the family, his wife, walks in his son walks in and then there's a guy with an eye on them, and then black it's twenty years ago. Also ended eleven years ago. The people are still talking about the ending and people are really getting into this conversation, and what a great way to engage an audience and keep the project life because people just keep talking about they keep going back. And watching it looking for another clue to explain what happens that that ending is a testament to the shows groundbreaking writing that change TV forever and pave the way for breaking bad games of thrones was the first successful show where the lead character was the anti hero. It really changed things. And also the writing was was a lot deeper. There are a lot more levels to it that we've been accustomed to. I think David chase of quarter. Does what he was really trying to do is create cinema. And he did he did. Hey, Alice's is terse accessible it's very successful days a week. And now there's a prequel coming out a pre to the soprano. Tony's Tony's childhood. So now, the, you know, it's picking up again. But my favorite memory of this show is my editor telling me. Hey, let's go out and investigate this new phenomenon the sex appeal of Fatman. A fat guy who is.

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