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We've got three. John's on the podcast night Jonathan little john barrows and johnson. Getting that might be. I gotta jones. Jim oh yeah get this outta here. Alright well i know we use a lot of extra time talking to johnson can make this part of a little bit quicker but any thoughts. Anything cut a stick with you guys from that conversation. I think it's clear he has a passion for it which is good for all of us and you know if you've got ideas will make experience. Better get him up now. You only saying nice things about john because he says things about you or are you know. He's always been a really nice guy in fact that was one thing that really piqued my interest. He mentioned this possibility of people like sitting at a boettger table. Enjoying working with john. Like if anyone can figure out how to enjoy working john sauce. Please let me know. We're all desperate to figure out how to advocate time bill. I didn't bother to dissuade him of the his good nice guy. I'll let them figure that out the hard way christening for you. I mean it. It's just great. You know. I think i think that you know i. I kind of joked about it but i think the poker players complain a lot about about race about structure about you know everything because we do want to just be able to like basically play for free with our long levels where you know we get all we want everything. But i'd like it to be six handed please and like there is some sort of balance in there that we've become aware of and cognizant of that you know you're going to a business. They're paying people to deal to you. and There's a whole infrastructure and cost involved with doing that. So it's really good to think about that. And it's really good to understand that people like john who are for cognizant of that and are trying to work creatively to you know still create player friendly environments structures and Kind of listen to players. Want so i was a great conversation is interesting. Against where else do you have the same gonna go in. I'm gonna. I'm gonna order sushi under the i don't three roles or something. And it's twenty dollars that spinner. Ben am i going to you know what i think. She can six rolls for coal dollars..

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