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D. a warmer start to our day today but the freeze is definitely gonna pick up as well seventy five in fort Lauderdale right now and also in Hialeah at five oh one the money is coming close as president trump in announcing the administration is pushing ahead the eleven billion dollar package of aid to state governments he signed last month many states are re opening their economies the president says he's watching and if we see something wrong will call them out and we'll stop it but we are leaving it up to the governor's summer being not aggressive enough in my opinion and some are being a little bit aggressive long negotiations for a much larger assistance bill for state and local governments New Jersey senator Robert Menendez is introducing a bipartisan bill smartphone provides states with five hundred billion dollars in flexible funding with priority given to the areas of our country with the greatest need based on covert nineteen infection rates and lost revenues due to the economic fallout the president is asserting that everyone who wants a covert nineteen test can get one although officials later clarified that to say that tests are available to everyone who needs to be tested Richard Cantu ABC news it's coming up now on five oh two this morning a fifty year old is among the latest in South Florida to fall victim to the corona virus the Florida department of health yesterday announcing the deaths of five people from the area including that fifty year old man from Broward county three deaths were reported in Miami Dade which has a state high four hundred ninety deaths and one in Palm Beach statewide fourteen deaths were reported yesterday in Florida now is lost over one thousand seven hundred thirty five people to convict nineteen parks golf courses and water ways have been open for more than two weeks now Broward county commissioners will gather this morning to draft a phase one plan to get some businesses back in business I think the the key word is safely we we businesses want to open people want dozens is to start opening but we were just trying to figure out how to do that safely and quickly commissioner mark Bogen thinks the county can start re opening in a week or two but stresses that these businesses don't that don't follow new guidelines will be shut down he also believes beaches can be reopened with conditions Miami data set to implement phase one next Monday Palm Beach took the first steps to reopen just yesterday in a drug that could help in the fight against the coronavirus could be more widely available statewide the governor Nancy more shipments of untested beer are on their way but he warns though that he has no idea of the drug is effective or not the drug will be made available to hospitals upon request five oh three south Floridians in need of a fresh meal can turn to a handful of distribution sites today this morning items will be handed out at the derail Central Park and west Miami Dade's tropical park beginning at nine at one o'clock this afternoon perishable and non perishable food will be distributed outside Marlins park in Broward county starting at seven thirty this morning feeding South Florida will supply fruits and veggies for the distribution site at the Sheridan street tri rail station and food will also be available at the coral square mall beginning at nine A. M. and dry Ivers on the turnpike and pull off again to grab a donut or burger food services are up and running at turnpike classes after being closed in March because of the covert nineteen pandemic the Florida department of transportation says pluses must follow the social distancing guidelines and restrictions to what restaurants face in the first phase of the economic re opening with the addition Monday of Palm Beach county the governor's first phase of re opening applies to all counties except Miami Dade and Broward which have the most covert nineteen cases in the state the department of transportation discontinued food service at the turnpike pluses March twenty first I'm John Conrad newsradio six ten WYO deterrent a virus it's affected all of us and we want to hear from you please go to W. I. O. D. dot com to complete our quarantine survey we promise that short I'm Natalie Rodriguez a career in cloud at G. I. T. means owning the opportunity to be an important part of transforming our clients IT operations in the modern age join G. I. T. for challenging and impactful work that advances your career apply now at.

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