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Was one of the people one of many who called up on november knife one of memory you know well okay why stood and he's a day after the election andrew action kid grew for the patriots are the more just kept wind up bill belichick supported donald trump where most people and then i watching they with the two percent i think they know are those people done because those i heard from a lot of them we're going to done in and the did that the team will be divided they can not go all don't you think these guys are upset okay time heals all i don't think the ratings are down here in fact it seem like every week i was getting into release from state james saying another record another this another that they were never down here and and even when they were down leaguewide fourteen percent up until the election even the games the patriots were playing in on national tv were at least even with a year ago comparable or slightly ahead it's just everybody else was down now look outside of new england they're still why cutting they skilled based they took a hip now it you think it's in significant that's fine i i do especially i think the numbers are going to see for the divisional playoffs got some great games i think they got a match last year if not exceed last year i think the packers cowboys game is going to be insane because could have great numbers i think that patriots texans will have great numbers here and the reason it won't have great numbers because not seen as a as a terrific game but kansas city pittsburgh is going to be off the charts but both of those cities are going to put up ridiculous numbers kansas city and pittsburgh will leave them i production is going to be dallas one pits per to kansas city three or flip flopped in terms of ratings for local rating over the top.

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