Thirty People, Three Hundred, One Hundred Hundred Drink Of Water discussed on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast


I do you know there's nothing ahead is completely empty your slides up last so you could have clear what you should be talking to alarm still on the car brew speak. I have just got to rum. And then saw somebody recognized in the audience and started talking to them got through. It went and sat down and remember picking up a glass that was behind due to the screen at the front of the tables account. See people's papers and things. So i picked up this glass. One hundred hundred drink of water. I'm a hands. Were shaking so much. There was no way that was going to go anywhere in my mouth. And i talk to somebody. What franco's talking to from the floor afterwards. It never noticed any off. And that's the closest i've ever come to an and i think it was the i think if i'd known the audience who's gonna be that big i would have been better. It's a bit of a surprise. Yeah to not prepared. Why should it matter whether you're speaking to thirty people or three hundred. Yeah in the case of jet whitehall's about three million. But i think it's difficult. It's difficult for. That's what i do my job overseas. So i'm kind of used to it. It's difficult for me to put my play. I've i've certainly had gigs. When the not going well where my mouth dry or where you something. Outside your comfort zone newark via feel like all those things are happening. But yeah but i think like within just having that you know. You've just started podcasting. Just started talking to you know asking questions of celebrities and you know it's very you're very immediately hit the ground running. It's very relaxed. And you're very witty coming back with stuff as well. So it's a lovely chat. I think you're too good. I'm husbands back. Is putting your drink more gin it hell i do about here. Because he's just. He's a rude during. That of earphones doesn't here i think he's. He's watching online days. Trials persuade the dog. Just get out. I was okay. I'll try to get my wife to the company. She went down so he was in that she was just in then. She went downstairs so she could..

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