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And then he would get on spike and take off so yeah I mean I I I can't imagine it might all blending Lenny said it was really a sight to behold you know but I was mostly just a really good tactic to get away from `Paparazzi 'cause ever expect that John would do such a thing but according to this source that's exactly what he did `Paparazzi wasn't the only thing that was tough or Caroline to get used to she also had a hard time fitting in with the massive Kennedy Family Tear Borelli says that during her first I visit to the Hyannis Port family compound matriarch Ethel Kennedy Quizzed Caroline about current events at the dinner table something that the can these are known for Athol asked so do you think a federal assault weapons ban will impact crime in our country dear Caroline who looks stunned stuttered an answered I I think it will ethel responded I'm sure you do dear you may want to read up on it it's quite important Tara Borelli says that the Kennedys are a very close knit family and that can be very intimidating to an outsider and her mind they all looked like she couldn't tell one from the other and Oh and they were very very competitive and they were all about sports and competitions and you know and she really wanted to go to Kennedy compound read fashion magazines and they told her that's not going to happen you know sorry you know and she didn't WanNa play football on the she was very much like Jackie despite some of the issues with their relation chip John proposed a caroline while they visited Martha's vineyard over the July fourth weekend in one thousand nine hundred ninety five three years after their first meeting John took caroline fishing which she later told a friend was the last thing she wanted to do while they were out in the boat John got down on one knee and said fishing is so much better with a partner and then he pulled out a platinum band with diamonds and sapphires which was a replica of the ring worn by his mother the couple was able to keep their engagement secret until Labor Day when the New York Post ran a story with a close up photo of Caroline's left hand with the engagement ring suddenly their engagement was everywhere young women mourned but John had some other big news he was about to reveal to the world according to an esquire feature the nineties was the golden age for glossy magazines the Internet wasn't what it's like now so magazines were raking in huge money from advertising Readership was through the roof for celebrity type magazines like people which in nineteen ninety four drew three point one million in readers a week the biggest magazines determined what people were wearing and talking about and they turned celebrities into icons over right remember that photo of a nude pregnant Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair or how about when Rolling Stone Crowned Nirvana his own called George the tagline was not just politics as usual it was a lifestyle magazine with Politics at its core and back in the nineties that was pretty revolutionary there had never been anything quite like it before according to that esquire article from earlier this year John Junior was inspired to create a political magazine that focused more on personalities than policy after he watched US President Bill Clinton's successful nineteen ninety-two campaign which included playing the saxophone on the Arsenio hall show after coming up with the idea he ran it by his friend Michael Berman who at the time ran a Manhattan public relations firm Berman immediately jumped on board by the spring of nineteen ninety four the pair was meeting daily to strategize and Berman eventually sold his PR firm and went into business with John The pair pitch George concept to nearly all the major zine publishers before they found someone who was interested in backing the idea it was none other than David Pecker a man who is now Famous for his friendship with Donald Trump and he currently owns America media which publishes the national enquirer in ninety s he was the president of Shat magazines which at the time published L. Car and driver and women's Day according to her reports from the time packer jumped at the opportunity to make a deal with John and agreed to invest twenty million dollars over five years the next step for John was to assemble a team once they were in place they had just three months to create the premier you which was planned to launch in September nineteen ninety-five John knew how important the first cover would be to establish the tone of the magazine he invited his friend her Brits the fashion photographer to his tribeca loft to brainstorm ideas John Wanted Bill Clinton for the cover but Ritz had another idea during dinner with John and Caroline Writ suggested super Model Cindy Crawford who was everywhere from the iconic Pepsi adds to the runways and was the host of the popular MTV's house while after Ritz floated the idea caroline immediately piped into say that's perfect she's apple pie she is all American UH writ suggested that Crawford dress up as George Washington at cheeky play on politics and pop culture they all agreed that this was the cover they were looking for George magazine was unveiled to the world on September seventh nineteen Ninety five at Manhattan's federal hall a vast marble building where George Washington took his presidential oath John one was dressed in a navy double-breasted suit with a bright white pocket square it was the first time he addressed reporters since his mother's death the year B four and according to esquire he worked with an image consultant before the event so that he was prepared on how to handle any personal questions John stood at a small wooden podium beside him was a large blow up of the first cover of George which owed Cindy Crawford in a powdered wig and amid rift bearing costume now now you may that this cover is unusual but our first choice was Alan Greenspan in speedo politics isn't dry it isn't dull so why should a magazine that covers it be in fact George just doesn't cover politics it celebrates it we will celebrate celebrate it as a general rule but we won't be afraid to criticize it when necessary John made it clear that he wanted this magazine to be free from ideology author Steve Gillon says John Believed that America was headed for a post partisan era and he wanted to be at the forefront of that movement the magazine meant something else to John as well over time as John Thought more and more about possibly running for office he saw George magazine as an accomplishment that he could run on Sean always said if you ran for office he did not want to run as Kennedy he did not want run because of his family wanted to run because you want if he wants to be able to say he achieved something and Georgia magazine was going to be that thing that he that he achieved media critics were quick to pounce on John's foray into the publishing world's at the time esquire called the magazine the riskiest venture of a pampered life indelibly marked by tragedy the Los Angeles Times asked is John Kennedy Juniors George Making American politics sexy or is the magazine just dumbing it down more John and his staff mostly brushed off the criticism and focused on their goal to speak to a broader audience. John did this by being being provocative in each issue of George he would publish a personal essay a way of talking directly to his audience in August nineteen ninety-seven he described his first cousins Joseph and Michael as poster boys for bad behaviour congressman Oh Kennedy the second had his marriage secretly annulled while Michael Kennedy was accused of having an affair with a fourteen year old babysitter in a scathing editor's letter John wrote to members of my family chased an idealized alternative to their life one left behind an embittered wife and another in what looked to be a hedge against mortality fell in love with Youth and surrendered his judgment in the process US alongside the letter John Posed semi nude dancing up at an apple a symbol of temptation no surprise the letter and the photo garnered a ton of attention and so some of the people that John Associated with John Invited Hustler publisher Larry Flint to be his magazines guest at the annual White House correspondents dinner and he also visited Mike Tyson in jail and he called the disgrace boxer a friend who is much different from his public image some of John's choices may have been questionable in the nineties.

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