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Are definitely offers a better experience for everything except camera. So. It's it's hard to justify that the three a has made a decent niche for itself a three fifty, get some competition from the Nord but the both phones aren't available in a lot of markets because we don't have the Nord, which is annoying and a lot of other places don't get the Pixel for a or didn't get the Pixel for a until like a month ago. and. Then we have the Pixel five, which seven hundred dollars is an area that already has a whole lot of competition. So it's always a how do you think that changes three months from now when a hundred bucks gets knocked off the Pixel five? And probably fifty bucks off the four five. Gee, I don't think before. To get one hundred bucks off to otherwise the Pixel five is going to just absolutely mooch most of the sales off that apart from the people who were like, okay. I like the Pixel experience, but I need a big screen. Because that's the real difference between the four, five g in the Pixel Five. The Pixel for if I G has a big screen and doesn't have wireless charging let's shift a little bit to talk about the you mentioned one plus Nord Nord is a brand that I don't know it doesn't have tons of CACHET. Yes. Yet in the West lot of enthusiasts. What it is because it was released in Europe earlier this year this three, hundred, seventy, nine pounds three, ninety, nine, euro phone. Snapdragon Simmons Sixty five gee, like a really solid mid range phone for not that much money. A lot of people were very impressed with it. weeks we you know android central exclusively announced that the company would be releasing. To, new Nord models both of the both of which would be coming to the US later this year that has now happened it's been announced. We have the Nord en ten five G. and the Nord and one hundred. So what we have are these two new phones and we don't have US pricing availibility yet, but we do have European pricing and the. Nord. En Ten five G. is. Basically a lesser Nord as we expected and it has a snapdragon six, ninety at six gigs of Ram, one hundred and twenty gigs of storage, and it has five g through that. Snapdragon six ninety is the first phone with that ships.

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