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Uh defenses are usually ahead of of office of uh development early in the season this year is the is the same but offenses didn't look good i think that goes to the fact that people don't play in preseason anymore right if you look at a true if you look at ben roethlisberger aaron rogers uh you know these different star quarterback steady get a lot of reps and so now they're just getting acclimated to playing together they're trying to work on chemistry and i think we saw a lot of that in week one i think football will get better but yeah it was it necessarily the most exciting week of football give me a all too hot take way too early in the season thing that threatening oas nato all right well okay we'll have they'll 'cause i heard you want mike mike earlier you was all smiles raiders okay i'm not saying is wrong i'm saying like that's like every week one rice offseason always talked about the fact that the patriots might not lose correct the undefeated seasonably do that every year right but they what they deserve alert earned it and with what they added you know you felt like that scene could be that good so so they lose obviously pittsburgh been hot scene of the day knowing the pages to pick because of the bees you know bill of bryant brown rafah's was have been been estimates it also so you got all those guys and so you thinking okay press we're gonna come all the gonna roll was not not quarterback they're going to kill lomas but you watch the game and jose antonio brown's real good and and everybody else was like uh right and so so many of these things you come into the week expecting in the you see something different and in oakland raiders come out and improve on the w the two things they needed soudini to better corner play and it needed to be able to finish the game running a football.

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