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Then we turn around and we have another guy who's released the we still don't know why he was released early but he was released early from prison. He had a seventeen eighteen year. Long rap sheet of assault and assault. That would just boggle. The mind was released. Early from prison came. Home was living with his mom and months after he was released. That looks like he may have been gotten parole early because of the covid releases kills his mom in eaten. This just seems to be an ongoing theme all of sudden well the bigger ongoing theme that we're talking about this morning is the fact that currently sitting in the weld county jail is at least thirty. Four people awaiting trial for murder. And that's just in weld county. Larimer county has twenty two adams county has forty-three that and that is just what i know of from when i actually got the records request. Talk to the sheriff yesterday in preparation for the show this morning and he's had some more put in his jail since i got my original records request two weeks ago but you know one of the things about being an investigative reporter is for the last two weeks i've taken one hundred and eight names and ran through the court system and tried to find out where they are. And what's going on so it takes some time to put these stories together. So in the meantime there's been more they're in and out in and out in it's a fluid situation. But i think the point is the point. You've got a hundred and three people sitting in jail in three counties that make up twenty percent of the state's population awaiting murder trial. There will be more on that when we come back sherry pipe in for gail from the collision specialist studios thirteen. Ten k of k the power trip. Weekdays eleven on thirteen ten kfi k. Unc plan northern colorado's voice one zero three point one in thirteen ten. Kfi k back everybody in this morning at seven twenty one in prevail.

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