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Your music your way toward a whole lot of sports radio did they sports sorry three liz do it it's the radio disney sports by gazprom daniel and you can hear this podcast before anywhere else exclusively every monday on the free tune in app in soon in first play so if you want to be in the place where music sports entertainment and fun collide before anyone else go download that soon an app or part three of this three par podcast today we got the radio disney expert sports tip of the week coming from charles woodson you heard is interview imports wanted to now he's given some advice all you aspiring athletes out there the want to go pro in what ever sport you're playing notches football you might hear yourself in a little bit if you called up the radio disney sports shows that happen every weekend one radio disney serious channel seventy nine iheartradio and the radio disney app we also got a did you know sports fund fact that'll make you smarter than all of your friends at school and so much more so let's get the victory lap started with our x exports tip of the week from charles woodson you know what our tell everybody man is that there is no substitute for hard work you know there's no guarantee than life must be needs is going to be and it to you but only way you're going to get to where are you trying to get too is hard work yellow you wanna be bp and whatever sport hard work charles thanks so much for joining us on the radio disney's ford spike acid a man really enjoyed it hoped to talk to you soon we'll be watching you throughout the playoffs on espn.

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