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Dirt off. I gotta ball into the dirt. That was the first time cust quarterback no maybe not the first. I'd not like you mother right so he was so nervous in the last play fourth down I had like a scene row. I literally ran a slam. I just I came in and I looked Eh said you look at me and I'll get open this. Don't worry about where I'm going to go somewhere. I don't know where I'M GONNA go get open and it was supposed supposed to be seen route. Guy Got into the throw them around got into the space caught the ball but then I was like okay. We gotta get this first down. I've tried to get the I didn't have it. Then I pissed history back to Cooper Are are left guard and that was it and it was awesome. And I forget and I wouldn't get back. Get the ball and kept that. Yeah and whoever thought putting five jennings on six five Brandon Marshall. Who's now a business park? We're going to watch. Highly game is barbecued chicken. All Day throwing throwing up Account Hayden. I know he's a fan of the show. So Kevin was on that team as well. Yeah see move onto Miami traded their Under Tony Soprano right. After the wildcat hits they undergo a change. You know eventually Todd Bowles takes over What was that like in Miami? And that's kind of when you came out with a the borderline personality disorder What was that? Were those two years kind of like for you. After being traded was on the eve of I guess when you turn into a part of practice in note that was my last year start of my last year in Denver Josh mcdaniels for share that's a whole nother story but it's pretty cool. It was interesting but I don't know where you want me to go back. Well not always. I want you to go that route because I everybody the league. Nobody right breaking news. I remember it was crazy right because you were just I played. I played in Pittsburgh and from the Scout Report Portio Juggernaut you start checking then from the outside because nobody else recipe lead just knew what type of force you was on the field. Nobody nobody knew what she was dealing with. And then there's ESPN and there's only four plays a floor clips of you. This had random practice your partner ball all over the place and I can remember the whole day. They showed this fucking clip of putting the ball with To get how does Brandon Marshall this all world world receiver is now having breakdown so to speak so one hundred percent players do when look at this. Oh he didn't just go row he saying fucked organization like all lease all these narratives getting painted. What happened your side? So Josh mcdaniels comes in and the first thing he does first of all the the the the year before Josh mcdaniels came in we had the number one offense all year then drew brees like probably like the last game of the season. They past us so we finished number two. We finished number two number. Two offense total offense that year in you had young guns that literally you could continue to built around you had Jay Cutler. Is The quarterback yet myself Eddie Royal Yeah Tony Chef Chef Ler you had you ahead Ryan cloudy At left. Tackle you cooper at left. Guard was de-clogging no deck wasn't there yet. We have brandon stokely slot While and then we had we had Harris on a right tackle Ryan Harris Ryan Harris. Yeah sorry my Bro- love you So we had like this young Offense that was. We're we're all in year three and four so this is Komo year three into so this is like everything Josh. mcdaniels comes in a first thing he does is is he shows highly because him and Jay Cutler is going through things the first thing he does is show all of our our highlights. Our mishaps as often says you guys aren't nothing right. So that's the first thing he does is like break us down like you guys think. You're you're not good and we're looking at it like fixed the defense right. Like what are you doing. And why are you beefing with Jay. Cutler a franchise quarterback we're just number two offense last year behind the saints. Who won the Super Bowl? Like what are you doing so he did that. I and and he called me in this was contract year like I should have been getting paid and he basically said to me over the phone. There's a couple things he said to me on the phone I was like. Hey I I I don't I don't know who you are. You know You know I I need to get you in my system See if you fit and I'm like well you need to make a decision now because there's thirty one other other teams. That know that I can play right. I said I don't have anything to prove to you. Say Actually I'm more proven as a wide receiver than yours. A head coach right so it didn't but before we even had that conversation. He calls me at the Super Bowl and he's like hey and I'm down. I'm say asking me a question about the super bowl and I'm like yeah. Of course I said if if if the Super Bowl isn't your gold in your it's wrong you're wrong you shouldn't be playing a game. He called me literally at night and say hey we don't talk about the Super Bowl here right I'm like like. Oh Wow. I didn't even say oh. Wow so that was my first like experiences. My first experience with with him long story short. They didn't want to pay me so I was like. Either you pay Ame you trade me And it was. It was just crazy. That whole off. SEASON get appointed said they were going to explore trades. The jets was ready to the trade for me but they want it or linebacker. They're hairs that wasn't happening So anyways ghetto point where the owner GATT involved. Mr Be brought me in his office. Mr Beazley Brandon. I want guys. It's going to be here so if you don't WanNa be here on the Treasury said but I do it. He said that he's like besides elway and in Tom Jackson. You're you're my favorite one of my favorite broncos of all he said and I want you here but if you don't WanNa be here then you're not going to be here and he sees he said now what happens happens after this. We're GONNA do best for the Broncos so if we send you to ease this sorry Mr. via and he looks like we're going to see the Cleveland browns. He's a senior Cleveland browns. We're GONNA do. We want to see in the Cleveland Browns so where there was best so literally. I walked out of that office. He has tears in is and I'm Kinda like act like I have tears right but I'm happy because I'm about to get paid right. It was all about money for me then and then getting away from Josh so We hug I walked down Josh's office. Hey I'm gonNA just want to know Mister B.. I just met with Mr Bean Mitsubishi Trading me okay so get the deal done he said what and he's hold on. I said no I'm going by walked out and from there. Josh got involved slowed down that whole process fast forward to camp. Now I'm in camping. I'm literally a hold Out But I'm there. I'm not doing anything I'm sitting. This is like kind of like what you're talking about. I didn't know how to cope and manage all this stress. And all I'm thinking about is man I can get hurt and I just had came off a big surgery hip surgery I gotta get paid now like a how you have to I was I was freaking out so anyways I mean camp and it's still not trading Josh mcdaniels come to me Going into our last preseason game going to CNN he's like hey out of nowhere now he's like we're going to pay you like I wasn't doing anything really I was doing the bare minimum in camp and He's like we're GONNA pay you but first we're going to Seattle. I want you to stay back. And and We're going to work out a deal over the weekend case. So we'll send over. We'll go back and forth exchange some paper. Whatever in try to get this deal done? Basically they sent me over over. He's like they did. The intro was like you're going to be the highest paid Bronco ever You make more money to join elway every day at etc etc but you you have to score at least four touchdowns your base is going to be four million million and I know sorry. That's a lot of money folks but you know these are the numbers that we deal with professional athletes. Don't kill me okay. So he's like you're GonNa be four million and then you have the ops. You'll you'll be have the opportunity to earn the rest to earn arrests. I had to score four rushing touchdowns announced I'm a wide receiver in other one was or I had my my my yards per catch had to go up like ah like thirteen or fourteen. I'm not that type of receiver you know and they control that I was like no. I said there's no way I can agree to come back. And then once I said no to that which which made with made no sense. They brought me in his office and he's like. Hey I just WanNa let you know you've been going to the bathroom and spending too much time in a bathroom room And your behavior like you're saying you're back her in this hurt In your behaviors been conduct detrimental to the team. so He's like If discontinued can you that I'm a hit you with that and I'm fine you spend you etc CETERA. Holding so because I didn't agree to this which was a bad deal. Now you're saying it's going to be conduct detrimental team. You're telling me about the bathroom like if I have to do number two I notice bar so we're not concurrently tried to do number two and you're gonNa tell me like you're gonNA put a time on it which was right like I would leave the meeting and spend like twenty five minutes is doing whatever but you can't you can't tell me like whatever right so anyways we have this exchange and then from there I walked out to the field and I was so pissed off at him and how everything went on And this was like this was before even practice back to start it. It's like warm up to warm up and Adam case was the my receiver coach but Adam was reporting to Josh mcdaniels Amos. I was pissed off an atom. Like you're telling him like how long I'm going to the bathroom etcetera etcetera. So I was pissed off that atom. I suppose the whole situation but now our head coach of the New York jets and it gives my receiver coach. So when he's throwing me the ball it was like f you and I was betting involves down. So that's the story behind that like man. Come come on. You're in my in my face or telling me one thing. Yeah but Adam had like Adam was just I wouldn't say he wasn't a puppet but he was doing his job. You know they were doing your job. So that's the story of that. That's crazy I didn't know that because once again from outside Italy like you just above the fuck out I did did what because like in that situation. It's like how do you deal in. That's kind of where we're at and you go. We get to the transition to to Miami that situation as a young guy coming from the neighborhoods that we come from is like some guys aren't built to handle that pressure. Sure don't have the skills to deal with With the NFL throws at you some as simple as you know how when its head on that pressure pressure of not getting hurt and you've done insure entire career..

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