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You girls are welcome hats on it. I don't even need a credit I. don't want a nickel I found. That's the good way. I also got a lot of shade and strong attempts from both sides. Stomach one another. They can cut stand each other like that was obvious. That jumped out at me from the damn screen I was like Oh these are barely tolerate each other fairly like. At one point was gone that Monica was about to play. She was talking about how she'd be kicking down doors and smacking bitches burn who like. Just Oh God. and. Afterwards. She said some shit like when Monica Dude like the cake or something and she was like I saw the. Shade for Shade for safe saved for say but you know what? For People? Who can like stomach that stuff? That's what they were going. That's what they were hoping for. You know I feel like everybody is winning for that for me. It's far too. Because I was just like. Enjoying myself. Oh it's so awkward. I couldn't annoying knowing that one point one million people were watching. I. Just. I mean give me the highlights. And they were both getting into. So it was like Nice in that regard but I could see how if people being with each other makes you uncomfortable that you would not be able to stick around for that and they were definitely it was very church. Nice. You know what it is. It's when it's like live in front of an audience and it's like very transparent. What's going on? The people have to do the best she. Case. It's almost like when someone is like bombing on stage as like doing comedy, you're performing or something like that and I'm like the one person in the audience that's not going to be petty and like just Weinstein everybody else to be on the same page. People are just relentlessly tossing does our Kathleen and heckling. From what I saw in terms of comment everybody was just having a good time and like. I feel like when it gets to that. When like livestream on Instagram or that. Crowded you really only see like Michelle, Obama and whoever else is. Very famous people in the in the comment chatting. Yeah. Of course, most of them are going to be keeping acute or whatnot. So when I tipped on over to a couple of the blogs to pick out topics for stay is when I saw. you know have girls are really discussing things and I'm sure that if I- tab on over twitter right now, he also kp a real with how you feel girls 'cause I'm a high yoga. But yeah. Yeah. I couldn't really clock it as far as a competition because I didn't watch you know that far into it but. From what I heard of the playlist I was having a very good time like truly enjoy myself reminded me of some older ships that I need to make sure it's on my phone or re download or whatever. But yeah, I think this was the biggest versus audience ever this one point two, million. Yeah. I wasn't sure but I assumed it would be like. Of what we've been given so far this is kind of a fair in having already decided. Oh, it's GonNa. Be a battle. Then I'll be in attendance. They Open Mukalla. Right, calmly facetime I said also, we we're making this. A political event is well, I'll write Hashtag. Herself or meese hit up. Like. So the Negroes are all going to be on instagram. Monday at eight PM Eastern. So what you're GonNa WanNa do a piece of that because they're all going to be watching and make sure you wear your which shirt while you're at it. Exactly. So it was like you know what whatever y'all got to do. Our can do need to see what this point. Already.

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