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But a harder gold never laid a hand on me. And he was always, you know, fucking batted around. Those are the Jews know how to paint boats. You got that right guy. True. I've sort of moved away from that that weird kind of stereotyping like there have been plenty of Jews were cops fighters. But there's no stairs. That's true. That's true. Yeah. So so most like you end up in Vegas. He's still in Vegas. But but the weird thing is you've got this whole generation do I keep using that word. But believe me, I'm not far behind you. But I'm saying that all these guys you start out with all these guys that you you're not you're not how we would act per se watching them land things. But that was not your thing or you were happy doing what you're doing because you could gamble and to not well. No, I want to act I wanted to act you know, through all the way through back into town to audition time. Okay. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I I live. didn't live Vig. I was coming. I was flying out all the time. I did. I did a lot of voice stuff early on. I not tell my producer knows. He's like there's all generation of hurt him on cartoons. Yeah. Exactly. And so I was doing that a lot. And I I was addition. You know, I did a little guest spot on Roseanne. I did a little shot on the Paul Reiser thing. Subs. Doing a mad about you. Yeah. Little show that goes, hey, Paul Reiser. He's like, you know, he finishes at I'm out for a while. Yeah. Raise my kids going to relax good now. He's back. He's back, man. He's back doing spots all over. But. Yeah. No. So I was I was always really trying to, you know, find that thing. I was not a voice. I was I never had a special. Yeah. No because they would come and all the things that comics do you did not do. Yeah. I didn't. And no tonight show. I did tonight. I know I didn't Johnny. Did you did three Johnny? And I did a Franklin with. Well, Ed McMahon ran star. Search right, okay. That helped greatly. And I did that must've been amazing. It was I was twenty four. It was crazy. And I was on there. And I it was it was okay. Didn't kill. I look at the sets. Now. I cringe. I did one with Cosby, and he sat there I. Yeah. And you said to me out on the plane ios, really weird. I was at the desert inn. I swear to you and get a call from Cosby. Yeah. And I'd never met with the filth. Yeah. Well, you're close. He goes, listen, I'm I'm I'm guest hosting tonight. It's last minute. Johnny's not doing it. I've heard nice things about you. Yeah. He's sending his plane. We're doing tonight. Will you be the comic? And I'm opening for crystal. Gayle. Choice. Yeah. Exac exactly got someone to cover me. Go out there. We're on the plane. This is eighty six he's reading the times. He's reading USA today. He's on the cover of every entertainment section. I don't know if it was planned, the Cosby show is gigantic. So he goes he do me in the act..

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