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More Cabinet confirmations could come this week. I'm Pam Puso Fox News, starting with President Biden's nominee to lead the Treasury Department. The Senate Finance Committee unanimously approving President Biden's nomination of Janet Yellen, to be Treasury secretary of full Senate vote could take place as soon as Monday. The former Fed chair would be the first woman to serve in the post. Yellen is calling for swift passage of the president's $1.9 trillion stimulus plan. The package would include $1400 checks for Most Americans, Fox says John Scott on Wednesday, former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm will testify before the Senate Energy and Natural Resource is committee She's nominated for Energy secretary President Biden is hoping for a bipartisan path to covert relief. We need to try and keep things moving, and I think that it's important that we spend this money on another package as soon as possible, because a lot of the programs that we put in place all expire in March, House Democrat Tom Swazi, many Republicans questioned Nearly $2 trillion price tag Sense of relief bill was passed just before Christmas. Some prominent Republicans in Arizona have been censured by the party. Cindy McCain governor Doug Ducey and former U S. Senator Jeff Flake were called out for failing to walk in lockstep with former president Trump McCain, who is the widow of former Senator John McCain, like in the center toe, a badge of honor. 10. People are still unaccounted for, but nearly a dozen others have been rescued from a mine in China. You ever workers brought to safety by rescuers in northern China after they were trapped underground for two weeks following an explosion in a gold mine. The workers were hauled up one by one in baskets on Sunday afternoon, their eyes shielded to protect them. Access algae and Grasso, managers of the mine have been detained for not reporting the.

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