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Hey you're listening to me ferguson. Podcast on welcome welcome. I hope you're really really brilliant today. Essentially what i wanted to talk about today is finding your tree purpose. So if you are the person who's not really sure yet who you can help with what. You're not really sure what it is. She should be doing with your life. You're maybe in a job where you feel stuck. But the money's good and you've no clue what you could do instead you don't really have a passion for what you're currently doing but you're on a loss as too high to pivot and change things so the first thing i want you to do and this might signed so basic and so simple but this is where the work is and this is where you'll realize have aha moment. After our ha moment i wanted to write dine all of the skills and experiences that you had because if you look back to your childhood if you look even the things that you did one three during your teenage years your work years your university years if you want to college your parenting years. If you're a parent all of the different skills on experiences that you have that you may take us very normal for the ordinary anew. Maybe have the assumption that everybody can do that. Everybody knows that this is maybe where you are wrong to say for example in what i do so i help. Experts moved from overwhelmed expert to see on fire by scaling on filling their own line programs. Leveraging delegation automation on funnels. So for me. What i do is to me. It feels very very simple. I love all of that kind of stuff. I love showing people hired to get clients on demand. I love showing people haida setup all the tack on automate everything and allow their business to rome itself and have a team and everything doing all of the work for them but for a lot of people thought isn't common sense isn't common knowledge so for you for example what skills and experienced a you have that you maybe take for granted that all their people would love to know how to do that. I give you an example. Maybe you're able to lose. We had very easily. Maybe you're able to get fed very easily. Maybe you're able to get promoted at work without putting much effort at all. Whatever that may be that you are good at. You may be able to help somebody else with that on the next thing i want you to consider is there's always lessons and everything we go through. The universe always gives us lessons to learn from. We always go through things on purpose. Everything happens for a reason. So what were the lessons that we had as we been through different journeys in our life. And what i want you to do is really think about those lessons. What shifts happened for us because of those lessons and again haider's fade into you finding your true purpose. So what are you here for again. I'll give you an example number of years. Back was very very old with a virus then i recovered and i had a massive lesson that overworking and doing too much results in a really really severe. Burn it so. When i built my new business i want to make sure that i was addressing that issue and i was building a business that runs on automation. And i've people doing a lot of the busy busy work for me so the lesson was given to me but overworking burning night and then i was able to apply that lesson to what i do by a ni- help. All the people build businesses where they don't have to set glued to their laptop all day every day. Working working. Working the next thing i want to ask you challenge you on is where do you feel completely a peace. Where do you feel like you literally could do this all day everyday. It just gives you so much joy. What do you love to do that. Other people may look at it as work. But it doesn't feel like work to you because you enjoy it so much again. Another case in point is doing what i do. I don't work because i absolutely adore. I do it just sets me a light. I have so much joy so much passion for it that it literally isn't worth. So where do you feel completely at peace. Where do you feel like. I could literally do this for the rest of my life. The next big thing is where are you being true to yourself. If your business hasn't been taken off as you want it to be considered. Are you trying to put a square paik into a ruined whole really set with that. Have you been trying to put a square peg into a ryan hall trying to force something. That just isn't happening and what you can do here as realize are you truly being true to yourself or are you doing something that other people think you should be doing if you're still on the job argue joel. Because that's the responsible in normal thing to do. Is you go to school. And then you go to college and then you get a job. Because that's what everybody else does not what society expects of you. Is that what you were born to do. Are you truly a pace with that. Guess is no. If you're listening to this podcast that means that you are manned for more and as you listen to this podcast really sit without. Am i being true to me. Am i being true to what i was put on this earth to do. Are you living your tree purpose. All of us have a purpose whether we want to believe that or not. All of us are here for a reason. All of us are here to fulfil our purpose. So what do you believe. Our purpose is for you. Are you living that every day and then finally really consider. Where is it easy for you. Where do you not have to. Where is there something in life. You don't really have to figure everything is because you just got it. H- you know this it is in your dna. You know what i do. For example i find really easy. It just comes to me. That's part of who i am so for you. Where do you find things easy. Where do you have realized that you don't really have to try very hard to get success to get results and then consider. Is this what you should be helping. Other people do so really really short episode. Hope you really enjoyed it. And i'll see you all over on the next one so. Let me know your favorite part of today's episode over on instagram. The handle is i mea ferguson. And do what you can do today to make a great day a see you next time. On the mir ferguson podcast. Thank you for listening to this entire episode. If you're the kind of person who likes to help others can be sure to share this with all others. Yuno that can help. 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